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Session 18 (Tyrr)

More hobgoblins..

Tyrr's story

9 Nightal, 1479 DR

An object came flying over our upturned table as we were desperately trying to come up with a good plan to get us out of our trapped situation. Guess them hobgoblins had a bright idea. I tried to use my mind to create a hand to transport it back over the table, but it exploded before I got there. A mist appeared and started to spread through the room. We quickly made for a safe place behind a door. The bad thing was that two of us were at one door and the rest at the other. We were split up and hobgoblins would probably be entering the room quickly. Even though we knew the portcullis was closed, they would have gotten new wooden beams to open it by force. We have no means of stopping the gas and the only hole in the door through which we could look was plugged with a piece of blanket as gas was coming through. Not soon after we heard the sound of something heavy being pushed over the floor, probably our table being removed from the entrance, and voices behind the door. Words of magic were uttered. We removed our plug and were able to see multiple hobgoblins enter the room. It was only a matter of time before they would be banging on our door. We walked through their midst, so they would know exactly with how many we are, so no element of surprise there.

Heavy objects started to hit against our door, soon now. Equilibria and I prepared to cast spells the moment they would be entering the room. I suddenly had the idea to remove the bolt holding the door, but was too late in executing the plan as the door came crashing inside. The fight was on. They had some kind of magic user in their mids and he used his magic to pull me towards him. I screamed as I was whipped from the mids of our group to the front line. Lucky for me we had such a stern force as Gründahl with us. He slammed forward through the enemy, made room for me to leave and presented me with the protection of his all powerful god. All in one powerful move. I am sure if he would not have done that I would now be a lying dead on the ground. I made my way around the corner of the room so they wouldn't be able to hit me so easily, but before I could get there a blastwave whipped from the ground and threw us back into the room. And here I thought I had those elements under control, but this magic users powers were awesome.

But when Lilsy and Eowan made their way free from the other room we somehow turned the fight to our advantage and we were able to defeat them all. Not that I noticed much of the end of the fight. I woke up a bit after it all, I was alive, but was knocked unconscious somehow and did not have it in me anymore to rise once more. I was glad to see my friends were still alive, but the state of most of them was pretty bad. We needed to get out of there, we needed rest and a lot of it. Was this mage Kalarel, or just another of his minions?

Lilsy set out to have a look around again. There was no immediate threat, but when she came back she said there were still more hobgoblins in other rooms. What are we to do now?

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