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Session 28 (Equilibria)

Lifting a curse

Equilibria's story

15 Nightal, 1479 DR

Time has a way playing tricks with me when I'm underground so all I can say is this: After an indeterminate time wandering through the Labyrinth, we entered a long hallway. Terrlen assured us this was the House of Silence, the minotaur temple where he picked up the lycanthropic curse. We moved along cautiously. The place sure was ominous, with torches on the walls every few yards. We were unsure how they lasted. At the end of the corridor was a large disc, hanging from two massive statues from minotaurs.
Sure enough, the paladin got tired of being cautious and once he had a clear line toward the disc he charged forward and shield-bashed it. A deep *boing* rolled through the temple. Whether Gründahl's presence or his bashing triggered it, I'm unsure, but two blazing hounds of hell materialized next to the statues. We weren't exactly prepared for that, but a defensive line was quickly assembled, the dwarf taking the right demon and Eowan the left.

This left Ziruna to try and control the wraith that suddenly attacked us from behind. It sent Terrlen fleeing before either the dragonborn or I could intervene. We attacked the undead, but after some swings Ziruna suddenly turned on me, under the influence of the wraith. I turned my full attention towards the wraith while dodging the warlord's attempts and then I heard it as well: a rasping voice in my head, muttering defeatist things. That told me all I needed, and I turned the full force of my Feywild allies upon the Shadowfell creature. That did the trick and the wraith returned to that realm.

In the meanwhile our line of defence still held, although Eowan, Lilsy and Gründahl were hampered in their efforts by the fires burning from the canines. While I teleported towards, flush from my victory on the wraith, I noticed that the torches on the wall had begun to blaze. Not only that, but there seemed to be a pattern in it as it moved to surround us. I got hit but my heritage saved me. Ziruna, however, was less swift and not as resistant towards fire, and we got separated.
That left me with my other companions to slay the demonic hounds. They had done a good job of softening them up though as I slew the left one with but a single spell. Lilsy then vaulted towards the right one and killed it. Huzzah!

Ziruna then went back to retrieve the ranger while Gründahl turned his attentions towards one of the minotaurs holding the disc. He tried to bullrush it, but the statues were too massive. Lilsy then sprang into action and furiously hammered away at its hand with her chisel. Before long she shattered them, upon which the disc fell on the ground and shattered as well.
On a roll, Lilsy then began prying loose the eyes from the statues, as they were shiny gems. We were OK with that, but when Ziruna asked for her to hand the loot over, she was uncharacteristically brusque and, frankly, obnoxious.

During all this Eowan and Tyrr uncovered some secret alcove in the back room. In it a sarcophagus was found, which Ziruna opened for them. Gründahl was very unhappy with this, as there was no cause for this desecration. I was unsure about it all, but to get away from the bickering I walked along with my dwarven friend, just as a giant axe was spotted in the casket.
Not long thereafter it seemed that the paladin's position was confirmed, as a fierce rumbling ran through the temple and the ceiling began crumbling. We ran away only to discover that Lilsy was still busy with the statues in one of the side passages! I quickly ran back and dragged along the greedy halfling, who was bleeding from a head wound. For my troubles, I got a mouthful back. Lilsy's behaviour was getting on my nerves. She insisted that it was our fault that she got hit because we didn't help her... and that after she insisted that all the gems were hers because she had risked her life for them!

Terrlen was still shaken by his encounter with the wraith and begged us to return to the city. In hindsight I understand his refusal to continue, but at the time I was feeling the sands of time slip away. Despite my hesistance, we all agreed to follow him and he quickly led us back towards the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Once we returned to the city, our party split up to give each other some time. Lilsy grumpily went to bed with her head wound (and a temper to match), while Gründahl went towards the temple and the rest asked Erra for dinner.
I followed Hammersmith — not to pray but to let the temple's tranquillity soothe me. While I sat on the temple's stairs a nervous man walked out. His agitated stand and the backpack bursting with scrolls caught my eye. I asked him who he was and what his business was. The man turned out to be Vadriar, a historian. I walked him towards the Halfmoon Inn and introduced him to Tyrr and Eowan, who promptly talked to him for the rest of the evening. Me, I talked with our leader as we were both concerned about Lilsy, and to a lesser degree about Ziruna himself. We thought that she might be infected. Eowan and Tyrr had evidently reached the same conclusion, as Eowan informed us that Vadriar might be able "to cure Lilsy."

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