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Session 6 (Lilsy)

Some dragon that was!

Lilsy's story

Dear Jarrod,

After we killed the last of the kobolds outside, we regrouped inside some denser part of the forest a little while away. There was a lot of discussion about what we should do, so I decided to take a little nap, because I was getting tired. I was just starting to doze off as I heard some noise. Apparently the rest of the group had taken up station closer to the waterfall and Equilibria was blasting a kobold! Not wanting to miss all the fun, I quickly got up and headed for the waterfall mouth, but when I got there the kobold was gone again. Ofcourse, I couldn't let that happen again, so I took up position next to the cave mouth so I would get a good stab at the first kobold which came out of the cave. "We are going to get them now, guys!", I said to the rest encouragingly, but did not really hear an answer. "Guys?" Everybody except Gründahl seemed to be walking away a huge distance! After a little while it came clear they wanted to get to the other side of the stream, because this side was all sticky and bloody from the previous kobolds. Perfectly understandable, so Gründahl and I quickly walked through the stream and set up near the cave mouth at the other side.

Well, I got my wish! I got to stab the first kobold coming out of the cave! Unfortunately he had brought his thirteen friends as well and Gründahl and I were quickly surrounded! Gründahl valiantly defended me and I stabbed kobolds left and right. Luckily the others quickly came to our rescue. The fight did not go well. Gründahl succumbed to a mass of kobolds and although Ziruna healed him, he quickly got overwhelmed again. If that was not bad enough, after a while a great big fat goblin and a retinue of kobolds joined the fight as well. That goblin is probably "Irontooth"! How disappointing! The fight was going really badly for us, with Eowan falling and even Tyrr getting hurt, but then, luckily Ziruna breathed ice on a lot of kobolds and the odds changed in our favor! Tyrr did an amazing job and Equilibria kept washing the kobold magic user by pushing him into the waterfall with magic. That was loads of fun! I skewered some kobolds on the way to save Eowan's life and using all my healing skills I managed to get Eowan on his feet again! I can't say that I would know how to do that again, though! After this I turned my attention to the goblin and I managed to slip my dagger between his ribs and finish him off! He screamed something about the Mistress of the Night and someone else who I don't know.

It was a real tough fight, but with good teamwork we managed to defeat them all. Gründahl, Ziruna and Eowan really knew how to keep the kobolds off us and the rest of us managed to get the kobolds down to the ground. We are really an amazing team! And, Ziruna's ice breath is amazing of course! And, I saved Eowan's life!

Love, your sister Lilsy, saver of lives!

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

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