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Session 12 (Tyrr)

Exploring the remnants of the keep

Tyrr's story

8 Nightal, 1479 DR

After a short strengthening of resolve and dealing with our wounds we made our way into the dungeon again. This time we would tread carefully and have Lilsy lead the way from the shadows. When the all clear was given we moved into the main entrance hall. The trap still a black hole in the centre of the room. Lilsy made her way to the east first. We decided that because that's the last place we saw the goblin, he might still be lurking there. Not soon after we heard a goblin shout and after that a shout from Lilsy as well. But these came from the southern hallway, not the eastern one. Some of us quickly made for the southern room to find that Lilsy had already taken care of the nuisance of a goblin that was hidden under a bed.

I made my case of going back to the door at the end of the eastern hall first as that would still give us a clear way out to the entrance if the group stayed mostly in the entrance hall. The door was locked. Though this didn't hold Lilsy and her quick fingers for very long we decided to go for the other hallway doors first. As behind this door was a stairs leading further down into the keep. The other double doors that were located in the southern room were locked as well. Lilsy did a quick check for the lock but decided that she couldn't open them as fast as the previous one. So we went for the third hallway to the west of the entrance hall. This one led to three seperate doors. Of which the northern one was leading to goblin voices Lilsy told us.

This time we actually took some proper time to prepare for the fight to come. We decided to lure them out and surround them at the door. This might have actually worked a lot better had we fought adversaries which weren't scared little goblins. But even though they weren't coming out immediately, Gründahl stood his ground at the door and let the goblins shoot their wicked crossbows at him. This gave Equilibria, Lilsy and me the chance to rain spells and shurikens on them aswell. Their leader was cowering behind a bench all the time. They quickly started to fall and when their leader ran for another hallway we stormed inside and finished the fight. For some reason their leader wanted to open one of the cells we found in the attached hallway, but he was dead before we could find out why.

In the cell we found another cowering goblin. This one said he was thrown in the cell for cheating with the dice and he was actually promising his allegiance to us if we let him out. This can never be a good thing, how can we ever trust a goblin? Specially one who was only thrown in a cell for cheating, not for being a good goblin or something.

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