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Session 15 (Tyrr)

The undead..

Tyrr's story

9 Nightal, 1479 DR

We found the gibbering fool of a leader of goblins inside a secret room in the middle of the underground cave. He had been hiding there since the time he ran away from us. The room was filled with the stench of it. He easily gave way to our questions and told us that Kalarel would be behind the door we had left closed upstairs. He also had the key for the door, he said he never used it and that it he had it only for emergencies. It was decided to put him in one of his own cells while we went to have a look behind the doors. As we couldn't hardly keep taking Splug with us, we put him in another cell for now aswell. What we were going to the two after we were done here was still up for discussion. When we found another of those slimey sludge mon sters in another place of the cavern we decided to leave the place for now and go for Kalarel first.

Back up the stairs and down again as another pair of stairs was found behind the doors. It was totally dark behind these doors though. No torches on the walls. I made some light shine on my orb and Eowan lit one of his sunrods. We came upon some hallways which had some kind of signs painted on the ground. They were of a magic of some sort, we couldn't tell what it was, but we could see that walking over them would trigger something. So we moved through the tunnels without the signs first to see if we could get around them. One led to a dead end in an empty room and another hallway was blocked by the signs in two places so we decided to leave that for now aswell. Another way led to another bigger room where we stumbled on creatures not quite dead. Whatever it was some people had with raising the dead was beyond me. But I sure didn't like the fact that we were in a place where someone like that was living. Was it Kalarel? Or just another of his minions?

The group of undead was no match for us as we hacked through their already dead bodies. But we had a harder time when we arrived in the next room, where coffins of people past were standing against the wall. We arrived in some sort of temple underground. When Gründahl walked inside past the first few coffins they opened all as one and more undead came out of them. Every time we took down one of them, a new one would appear from a coffin. It took us some time before we found out that we had to kill the two stronger ones to make the others stop coming aswell.

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