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Session 10 (Eowan)

The spy is dead

Eowan's story

It was a very hard fight in the dark evil underground chapel. I lost consciousness at one point but Grundahl layed his hands on me, and the energy flowed back into me. I quickly got back on my feet again, and noticed Bairwinn was the only one left standing. He wasn't much of a problem anymore with all of the others dead.

Lilsy started looting the corpses, and Tyrr made some light. After the corpses Lilsy found a crack in a wall, and tried to open it with a pick she found earlier. With some help from Grundahl the crack was soon a big hole in the wall. Behind it seemed to be a small room, with a lot of books and a chest. I made sure Ziruna got the gold that was in it, and started to look at the books. Tyrr was already studying them, and there were a few interesting ones. One was about Shadraxil and Tyrr mentioned there was never talking about that he was 'killed', just 'defeated'. Another was some kind of ritual book. We also found a note from Kalarel, talking about that they had all the supplies they needed in the keep, and that Shadraxil was going to be released soon.

There was also a book on the altar, which Tyrr was unable to read at first. Then he started a ritual which should make it able for him to read it. 10 minutes later, he started to read it, and told us it was a holy book of shar. He also found out that Bairwinn was pretty high in the orders of Shar.

We quickly went to Lord Padraig, where Lilsy excitedly started to tell the whole story. Padraig didn't believe that Barwain was a follower of Shar. But we convinced him to come with us to the shop. Linora was also summoned and together we entered the shop. There Equilibira and Grundahl had rolled the corpses into strokes of the carpet. Linora passed out when she saw it, and Padraig still wasn't convinced easily but at the end he was. The corpses were burned outside of town, and we were asked to go to that keep, or ruins as others call it.

That evening most went to bed early, only me and Lilsy stayed celebrating some in the inn. But it seemed the rest of the villagers weren't in a mood for it. We also talked some to the old man from the tower. He told us stories about what he knew from the ruins and how shadraxil was locked away in some sort of rift. We didn't made it too late and went to bed.

The next morning we started our journey to the ruins. When we went up the mountains we first found some of the flowers Lilsy wanted, but i convinced here to pick them on our way back. Further up it became quiet, too quiet. No animals sounds, which never is a good sign. Then we arrived at the ruins, and while Lilsy checked the immediate surroundings, we found some stairs going down...

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