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Session 4 (Lilsy)

Love is in the air!

Lilsy's story

Dear Jarrod,

Winterhaven is a lot of fun! After we came back from the temple, we went back to the inn to party. I talked with a lot of interesting people, like the Elven huntress Ninarin. I talked with her together with Gründahl who was really enjoying his beer. Nanirin was very interested in that Linora wanted us to twart the evil (and vague) plans of the cult of Shar. Ninaran did not feel like sharing much about herself though but after many probing questions I found out that she just killed a wolf! Ha! Also, Nanaran lives outside the village and hunts animals and sells those to the inn. So I must go and try me some wolf meat! Ninirin agreed and excused herself. Probably off to go inform the cult of Shar! But, more importantly, the innkeeper manages to dissuade me from buying wolf meat and say she is too busy with her work to sell me any food. When I explain to her that selling me food is actually her job, she manages to brew me up some bear meat, which is actually very good. I share the meat with all of my friends. At least, those who have not gone to bed.

While I'm sharing the meat, the innkeeper offers Equilibria a drink from a tall blond man in the corner of the inn. The man is wearing glasses and a flamboyant outfit in purple and black colours. He smiles and raises his glass at Equilibria. How nice! Equilibria has got an admirer. Equilibria seems quite bashful all of a sudden and when I ask her if she likes him, she first denies it and then says something like that he should try a little harder. I decide love is in the air and to help the man, but just as I am about to the door to the outside goes open and a distinguished looking man and two tough looking men enter. Everyone in the inn bows and greets him as "Lord". How exciting! A real lord! In the same inn as me! Some people free up a table for him and the Lord gets a drink from the innkeeper.

Somehow I manage to not get distracted from my initial plan though and I sneak inconspicously to the blonde-haired man in the corner. "Do you like the Tiefling?", I ask him. "What does it concern you?", he replies suspiciously. I explain to him that I could explain him how to woo a beautiful girl like Equilibria and he softens up immediately. He introduces himself with a big bow and explains that he is Baerwynn himself of Baerwynn's grand shoppe! Wow, what an honor to meet him! Apparently he sells all kinds of very grand things! Very interesting! I chat a little with him and explain how to best approach Equilibria. He does not really seem to understand because instead of approaching Equilibria he invites Equilibria and me to his Grand Shoppe tomorrow. I tell him I'll try to do my best and he thanks me and leaves the inn.

So, that was a good deed done! I reward myself with some ale and wonder who to chat to next. Let's go talk to the real Lord! I bounce on over to his table, but one of the guard says gruffly, "What do you think you're doing?" I explain to him that I want to chat to the Lord but he does not seem impressed. Luckily the Lord himself is in a better mood. He turns out to be the Lord Pedoraeg Linora was telling about. We chat for hours and hours about all kinds of things, like the attack on Semmir and about Sister Linora. Apparently the Lord also thinks Sister Linora is too vague and he worries more about the kobolds. Fighting kobolds is a lot more fun than chasing after vague rumours so this sounds good! I promise to come by his manor the next day so we can discuss the kobold problem.

The next morning I wake up to the sounds of a market in the square. We eat a light breakfast and after I tell everyone about last night we decide to go to the Lord's manor to discuss things. The manor is huge and has lots of beatiful things inside! Sister Linora is also present and after lots of discussion everybody is happy because we will take care of some kobolds and in the meantime try to find out if they are related to the Cult of Shar and we will also check out the ruins. Sister Linora is still very vague but now explains that she had a vision of an evil man in purple and black clothes summoning evil things. So that's very precise! Luckily Lord Pedoraeg offers quite a good reward for the kobolds so that is very good! Afterwards we head on over to Baerwynn. Equilibria let's slip that a man should give a girl flowers so when we arrive at Baerwynn's Grand Shoppe I whisper Baerwynn in his ear that he should buy flowers for Equilibria. He quickly runs off. In the meantime I investigate his shop. There are all kinds of useful things here! Baerwynn returns and gives Equilibria the beautiful flowers. Equilibria seems very impressed! Baerwynn shows all kinds of interesting things, including a set of very beautiful gloves! I want them, but they are soooo expensive!

We decide to go out and hunt Kobolds in the Kobold lair which we have been told is to the southeast of Winterhaven. Some in our party need to get their stuff from the inn, but Eowan and I are already fully geared up so we decide to go the market. Eowan buys an extremely beautiful flower for me which I can wear in my hair. Eowan is so nice! The florist tells us that she finds it hard to get new flowers because there are goblins near the ruins she usually picks flowers. I graciously offer her to pick any flowers I find in exchange for some money. And.. yay! Goblins! Might be interesting to check out the ruins anyhow! Gründahl catches up with us and tells us that Ninirin is in the inn so Eowan and I decide to ask her about kobolds but she does not really seem to want to tell us anything about them.

Everyone gathered, we head to the southeast to find the kobolds. As I write you this we are in the woods, stopping to have a bit to eat, but I am sure we will find kobolds soon! Yay!

Love, your sister Lilsy, matchmaker!

6 Nightal, 1479 DR
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