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Session 8 (Equilibria)

Duped & Retribution

Equilibria's story

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

So I had had a wonderful dinner with Baerwin. The handsome merchant was attentive and charming. After a while we decided to leave the Inn for somewhere more private. That was OK with me, the noise and the people were giving me a headache anyway. We strolled to his shop where he let me in and ushered me to a small secluded, cosy room. From out of nowhere an amphora of wine and two glasses (whoah!) were produced. I didn't really fancy more wine but Baerwin wouldn't take no for answer. So for courtesy's sake I took some sips. Actually, at that point I had had enough — both of the wine and my suitor. A man should know when he's overstepping his bounds.
All of sudden I had to think of the group's suspicions again. But that was ridiculous, as Baerwin had been very nice to me (and us!) all along. Moreover, which disciple of Shar would openly display her colours for the world to see?
Hmmm, Baerwin didn't drink much of the wine either, and when I commented on that fact he didn't really give a satisfactory answer. My etiquette may be from the eladrin, but there's no such thing as not drinking your cup before the lady has.
After the one glass I decided to leave and bid him farewell. He graciously agreed to walk me to the inn. Secretly I was glad for assistance for my legs were a bit wobbly all of a sudden. That must've been some wine indeed.

And this is where it became strange. I'm quite sure Baerwin bade me goodnight on the porch of the inn, but after that I don't remember anything. Until Tyrr woke me while I was laying in the gutter next to the inn. Man, I felt bad. Fortunately Tyrr helped me get into bed, but not before I noticed my belt pouch was on the wrong side of my belt. But I didn't miss anything. So I wasn't mugged or what?

The next day I would learn that Lilsy went to Gründahl to help him. Apparently, he was gonna watch the main gate and see whether the spy left the town. Right. Not a bad idea, but for the fact that if they'd listened to my advice nobody would've known about our exploits!
Lilsy talked about jumping over the town walls and almost stabbing Grün in the back, but we'll let that slide, won't we?

7 Nightal, 1479 DR

The next day we all woke around the same time. Strangely enough, I didn't have a hangover which I totally expected after my collapse the night before. Tyrr told me he found me in the gutter, but I can't remember how I got there. Seemed I blacked out for a while? Of course, the rest of the group immediately pointed towards Baerwin. I defended him (why would he walk me home only to let me collapse?), until Salvana (the inn keeper) confided that Baerwin has a bit of a reputation as a womanizer. And now she told me!

Fire began to guide my actions and we moved to Baerwin's "Grande Shoppe" where we confronted him with our suspicions. He confessed that he had tried to take advantage of me, so I bitchslapped him (he dodged) and cursed him. I actually made a show of cursing him and sure enough he quaked in his stylish yet affordable boots. Gr¨ndahl came to my aid by just standing on him a bit. (By Mielliki, do I love him for his sturdiness!)
A town guard came running towards the noise we were making. I calmly (hah!) opened the door and explained to him our business. He laughed out loud but not because of my misadventure at the hands of the creep — he walked away saying "he had it coming!". What a nice town this was... everybody knew who the creep was but nobody warned me!
Ah well, Baerwin sure as hell wasn't going to do any of the sorts again after our admonishment. We left his "Grande Shoppe" (Hah!). It couldn't be helped that Tyrr "accidentally" made some precious flasks drop, now could it?

With that behind me (and us) we went to the blacksmith. Lilsy wanted to buy a climbing kit (jumping will make you very tired!) and we had some magical chainmail to sell. Mr. Coalstriker was very pleased with our actions against the kobolds, trade was sure to soar. Lilsy struck a deal for the kit, and Ziruna came back with the chainmail he had fetched. All of a sudden Tyrr exclaimed that it was a dwarven chainmail with extra defensive properties and even a healing power. In that case Ziruna was gonna wear it as that sounded a great deal better than the stuff he was wearing. Too bad Mr Coalstriker.

After another lenghty discussion we decided to take it easy today and just investigate the dragon bones at the garbage pit, instead of another series of fights that surely awaited us in the north.
After a trek southwards, we arrived at the pit. A sizeable team (8?) of humanoids was present digging and hacking at the refuse. There were also two small, dragonlike lizards present. Someone invited us to watch the stuff up close. While apprehensive, we slowly descended.
That was a bad move as the group then attacked us. The drakes were tough big fighters. Fortunately enough, the humans weren't. The halflings were tricky though, as they wielded their slings with expertise. After we had dispatched the fierce drakes we moved onwards. I fey stepped towards the halflings, eager to distract them from poor Lilsy and Eowan. And then all went dark again, for the second time in as many days...

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