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Session 29 (Equilibria)

Lifting of another curse, towards the Chamber

Equilibria's story

15 Nightal, 1479 DR

I let Tyrr and Eowan do the bargaining with Vadriar as they should've been more familiar with the prices of magical cures. Be that as it may, it still cost us twohundred-and-fifty gold pieces -- a small sum to pay for the wellbeing of the halfling girl.
Vadriar performed the ritual the same afternoon after I had waken up Lilsy. She was very, very grumpy but now at least I had an inkling of the cause. The ritual took quite some time during which Vadriar's patient often screamed out in pain. Each time I threw a questioning look to Tyrr but he nodded reassuringly, so I assumed Vadriar knew what he was doing. At the end, though, Lilsy fell unconscious at which point I could no longer contain myself and the stranger with harsh words. He muttered and stuttered that he had had "to bring back the halfling from the Abyss", which sounded dreadful. I was still no happy with the fact that Vadriar hadn't warned us about this, but I guess curing lycanthropy is no exact science. Quickly I ran out to fetch Gründahl to ask him and his diety to speed up the rogue's recovery.

16 Nightal, 1479 DR

The next day both Lilsy and Ziruna were OK again, showing no signs of any malady, physical or otherwise. Indeed, Lilsy was her cheerful self again, which made me very glad. I then realized that I had grown rather fond of her in the short time I'd known her.

Terlenn arrived while we were having breakfast and joined us. While we were eating, the drow merchant Gendar began promoting his services but was brusquely snubbed by Ziruna. I tried to reign him in, but he insisted on treating the dark elf badly. I couldn't quite convey why I was offended by this. I know drow have a bad reputation, but that's no reason to treat all members of the race badly.

After this incident we quickly set off with Terlenn leading us towards the Chamber of Eyes. The party tensed up when we got to the spot where our guide had previously turned feral, but Terlenn didn't change this time. Moreover, he didn't seem to know what had happened. This partial amnesia was something I noticed in Lilsy as well.
However, a few minutes later, while walking through a corridor, we were attacked by four zombies. They were directed by a wight who kept using the name "Az'al'bani" but it helped him naught. After a quick charge by Gründahl, a quick follow-up by Eowan and some withering attacks by Lilsy, Tyrr and me, the zombies fell like wheat before our scythe. Their master tried to flee then, but he hadn't anticipated Eowan's and mine teleporting abilities.
The man carried little of value, as our rogue quickly found out, but for a silvery key made from a human thighbone. Unsure of its purpose, we just carried it along.

After ten more minutes of nervously walking we reached the door to the Chamber of Eyes. It was flanked by two statues of gargoyles, and was adorned with a large eye. According to the paladin, that was the sigil of Ghaunadaur, "That Which Lurks". I'd laugh about any deity with that silly a description if not for our surroundings.
We sent out Lilsy to scout inside. The first chamber was empty, and had a big door to the right. Another way out of it was to climb onto a balcony. Lilsy quickly climbed up, having secured her climbing rope with the help of Tyrr's magical hand. Her excursion took quite some time, but when she returned she gave a detailed account of the interior of the building. The balcony's exit was to the right in the form of a small door. This door led to several narrow passageways and from there to several rooms, occupied by various goblinoids.
We quickly made the plan to use the balcony to infiltrate the holdings, as it would not be expected. Even if we ran into hard resistance, the passageways would've been easier to defend than the large door below.

Unfortunately, luck was not with us as Gründahl failed in climbing to the balcony. He crashed down hard at which point a voice asked us, in the common tongue, who we were. Unable to come up with a reply quickly, Lilsy beat me to it and exclaimed in a shrill voice "Raz'al'bani, along with twenty-one of my minions!" Defying my low expectations, the rabble did not fall for this, but did not rush out either. Desperately, my dwarven friend tried again, and failed yet again.

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