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Session 19 (Tyrr)

Itsy bitsy spider..

Tyrr's story

9 Nightal, 1479 DR

This is the weirdest thing. We are in a bad shape and we need a proper rest of fulfilling healing and here we are simply walking out of the hobgoblin lair with them giving us a look, but not much more. I am immensly grateful we made it outside, but we aren't done in there yet.

9 Nightal, 1479 DR

I slept like a baby even though it rained and I woke up almost wet to the bone. We made our way inside again, brought both our goblins prisoners some food, did another quick check of the upper floors and went down again.

I offered the idea to just go in the hard way, they weren't going to trust us coming in with a bluff again. Well that shows me being a lot better at learning and studying then understanding the world. We came in hard, they ask us for the password and we had no choice but to go on with our attacks, we were on the move already. But afterwards I thought I was sure they were going to accept the bluff aswell. Next time I will just shut up and let other people handle these situations. We took them down, but one of these days we are going to run into a group we can't handle. I almost died this time again, they had some spider in a cage at the end of the room, it jumped me, took me out and I almost died of it's poison. Something saved me, I think it was the magic amulet I was wearing, my health normally wouldn't have allowed me to overcome poison like that. And for the next few days my cough will surely be a lot more present.

At least that solved the riddle of the spider we found the note on in the warleader's table. What more do we have coming our way?

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