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Session 1 (Tyrr)

Otherman's business?

Tyrr's story

1 Nightal, 1479 DR

Tyrr's topknot waved in the wind as he looked upon a small village. A sign showed that the village was called Semmyr. It was slowly getting darker and his stomache was rumbling. It looked friendly and active enough. Better to stay at an inn then on the hard ground and he still had some gold left from his job in Yhaunn.

The guard at the gate waved him through after a quick question of his plans in Semmyr. The village had only a few homes, an inn and a temple, and most of those were surrounding the main square. A nice room in the inn and some warm food would make the journey for tomorrow easier. This peaceful looking town would probably stay peaceful for one more day.

After checking the room, Tyrr settled on a stool by the bar. He was happily munching away as a group of three entered the inn. And not just any group, but a group of an eladrin, a tiefling and amazingly enough a dragonborn. Tyrr had seen drawings of them, read a few texts about them, but never saw them for real. Not knowing what they were going to do, he throttled down his curiousity and went on eating. They didn't look threatening as of yet. They had weapons visible, but they were sheathed for now.

The new group had just enough time to greet the keeper before some kind of commotion was heard by one of them and they started to walk outside again. Tyrr didn't hear anything, but being the curious one he followed to have a look from the door if anything was happening. Reaching the door he saw a large group of people entering the village through the gate. It seemed some commands were given and the group started to split in smaller groups, which spread to houses. They seemed to be looking for someone or something and didn't mind knocking down doors to get what they wanted. The dragonborn was highly irritated by this and demanded answers of a group that was entering a house closeby. Not soon after the dragonborn entered the house after the group fighting was heard coming from the house. Guess he was taking action into his own hands. Tyrr's eyes narrowed as a small group was coming towards him and the inn. If this happened in his home village it was sure to be a raid of somekind, but he had no experience how things went in these parts. They didn't look like local enforcement, they actually looked pretty shabby. Tyrr hadn't noticed a dwarf suddenly standing beside him asking if this was normal around here. Tyrr shrugged his shoulders saying he didn't know. One of the group that was coming towards the inn suddenly started glowing. Seeing the response from his friends this wasn't done by himself. It seemed to have come from the tiefling that was standing close to the fountain. Guess she decided the men were not in their right to act this way aswell. This convinced Tyrr to act as well. It was a huge group and it was probably stupid to act, but this hardly could be right. Tyrr noticed that the commands were coming from a man in the group still standing at the gate, so he let the group to the inn pass to the door and prepared his mind for a spell.

His fingers started to grow cold and he murmered a few words of power. The effect was almost instantaneously as the six at the gate felt a wave of drowsiness pass over them. Two were clearly having some problems concentrating on the conversation they were having and three dropped to the ground unconscious. The leader was not having any problems though and immediately saw the connection and stared straight into Tyrr's eyes. A quick shout and the group that was preparing to enter a house closeby was rushing Tyrr's way. He wouldn't be able to take on four people at once and they were faster upon him than he thought was possible. Swords slashed into him before he could react. Blood dripped on his arm and head and soaked his clothing. Without thinking more power words were spoken by Tyrr and an avalanche of cold roared from his hands. One of the men was pushed back were he crumbled on the ground, others were confused long enough for Tyrr to think it was safe enough to move away to relative safety. Though one of the men was partly protected from the attack by the corner of the building and he made a quick attack while Tyrr tried to get away. It wasn't a too bad hit, normally that is, but the stat Tyrr was in made it worse. He was close to too much pain and he needed a place to rest for a few seconds if he wanted to survive.

He heard some shouting that we shout stand aside and let the men get someone who was hiding in the village. He guessed that was why he wasn't followed around the building by his attackers, they went back to their assignment to get their target. Tyrr took a few seconds to draw health from his inner strength before he walked on towards the back of the inn. He got to the back just before another group turned around the other corner of the inn. Tension alone made his mind and hands move again as more words of power streamed from his mouth. He let magic rush to the new group, the ground turned slippery under their feet and two fell to the ground. A quick missile of cold made the most forward man drop to the ground. Tyrr quickly turned around and made for the back of another building before they found out what happened. He made the men hurt, but there were still too many to make a difference. He hoped the others that were fighting for the village had better luck.

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