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Session 23 (Tyrr)

The loss of Winterhaven..

Tyrr's story

10 Nightal, 1479 DR

The magics of the ritual were ebbing out of the room. The group decided that Winterhaven would have to deal with the closing of the dungeon. It was time to return to the town and tell them about their results. After a quick look around a small tunnel was found hiding under a flagstone behind the altar. It was cramped and filled with water, but it went up and took the group to the previous level. This meant they would be able to get out of the complex easily.

First a quick visit to the cells where they left the two goblins. But Balgrom had already escaped, twisted the bars of his cell and squeezed on through. If it wasn't bad enough the creature escaped justice, he broke in Splug's cell as well. There was blood on the floor, but the body was removed from the cell as well. Not much for the group to be done.

Outside it was still quiet. It might take a while for the place to feel right to animals again. But it would return to being any old ruin soon enough Tyrr thought. Ziruna mentioned that he smelled the faintest smell of something burning. They checked the surroundings, but nothing closeby was burning or had been burning. The group started to make their way back to Winterhaven.

They had read about the attack in the papers of the hobgoblin warleader, but they didn't expect it to have been done while they were still inside. When Winterhaven appeared on the horizon black smoke was included in the view. The town was burning and the gates had been forcebly opened. Inside the town's main part all the wooden buildings had been destroyed completely and only the stone frames were left of the stone buildings. All except for the square tower, it was still standing strong and seemed it wasn't touched by fire at all. The second set of gates leading to the lords private part of town were still closed. They were not able to hold of the attack, but they were able to keep the inner part of the town safe.

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