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Session 25 (Equilibria)

Exploring Saruun Khel

Equilibria's story

14 Nightal, 1479 DR

I slept quite well, but it seemed the sound of a waterfall had kept Gründahl awake for most of the night. His dwarven stoicism had buckled under the relentless clattering. (If this feels as a needless verbose way of expressing my amusement, it does because it is.)

The morning was spent exploring the Seven-Pillared Hall and shopping. Tyrr was mumbling about magical components, and Eowan wanted a better blade. Ziruna and I were anxious to move on but we couldn't find Rendil anywhere, and he was to be our guide.
Oh, and Lilsy got herself into trouble again. She tried to take a small precious stone but an Enforcer spotted her and made it her give it back.

Whily trying to buy stuff from one Ulthand Deepgem, a sour dwarf, the guy mentioned that one of his teams had been lost in the caves. Strangely enough, it seemd that he was more concerned about the boar he'd lost than about his men.

Already bored by the bargaining chatter of Eowan and Lilsy, Zir and I moved on to the north-eastern corner of the Hall to stock up on provisions. The salesmen kept mentioning a "tax", which seemed to be about one tenth of the value of the item. The tax was paid to the mages. I'm no student of economics (and who is?) but I thought it strange that the market of Saruun Khel is so well-visited and busy. I mean, they're ripping you off and everybody knows it, and other markets (like Winterhaven's) are close by.

We met each other again somewhere in the sprawling halls. Another shop (Grimmersol Trading Post) didn't have any interesting for Eowan, so he decided he wanted a magical sword from Deepgem's after all. He had the good sense to realize he wasn't the best bargainer, so he asked Zir and me to do the talking. Sure enough, the dwarf drove a hard bargain but in the end we got the price down to a reasonable level.

We then returned to the Inn. Whilst walking towards it we ran into Rendil after all, as he exited a temple dedicated to Torm. We pretty much dragged him along and "persuaded" him that he'd have to guide us towards the Bloodreavers' hideout. He threw up some weak defenses but my dragonborn friend and I would have none of it.
However, when we arrived in the inn, Erra complained that she needed her nephew's services this afternoon. Gah! Okay, more time wasted. We decided to explore the Labyrinth in the afternoon instead, just to do something. And well, perhaps we could find the boar Deepgem's lost?

After Eowan had wasted spent another hour bonding to his new sword, we struck out. I won't bore you with the details... We spent about 3 hours walking around in the caverns, and by accident we had returned to the city. We didn't find anything important, except for an entrance towards the Underdark. Ooookay, we weren't quite ready for that. I hope we won't have to go in there?

Shortly after we re-arrived (is that a word) in the Seven-Pillared Hall Ziruna was approached by an Enforcer. Lilsy's escapades earlier that day had drawn the ire of the officials. She was expected at the Customs House the next day, at nine o'clock. Gaah, we had wanted to leave for the Bloodreavers' hideout at seven! We couldn't ignore the summons though, although Lilsy thought otherwise and Zir had to persuade her.

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