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Session 27 (Equilibria)

Exit halfling, enter werewolf?

Equilibria's story

15 Nightal, 1479 DR

After we had vanquished the pitiful force in the hide-out, we searched it for clues (and loot). None were found, so we returned to the Seven Pillared Hall, with Gründahl guiding us unerringly through the winding caverns.

The moment we entered the city, a vaguely familiar kobold (Sharrak?) accosted us for no apparent reason. Except that I'm not in the habit of giving kobolds a lot of attention, so my gaze drifted behind him. There I saw a wagoner making some sort of deal with a drow. Ah-hah! so Sharrak was trying to distract us.
I struck out after the drow when he left, the attentive Lilsy on my heels. We followed him across the city until he came to a shop called "Gendar's Curio's & Relics". He entered it, and some minutes he later he appeared behind the counter. Hmm, false alarm? It seemed that while the guy (Gendar himself?) was being sneaky, he had a legitimate enterprise. Lilsy and I moved to the inn after some more loitering.

While we were waiting for Rendil, a female dragonborn barged in and began talking to Ziruna in a excited way. She was very happy to finally see another 'born (and I'm sure Ziruna's looks and muscled physique didn't hurt, either). The woman was named Surina and was looking for people to join her in expeditions into the Underdark. No thanks, we already had many things on our plate.
When she heard our plans, she recommended Terrlen Darkdelver as a guide. Terrlen turned out to be a gruff human ranger sitting a few tables away. Without any urging, Lilsy struck up a conversation with him and began hearing him out.

Terrlen was a former Purple Dragon Knight -- you know, the order that fought against Shadraxil. He was very vague on the reasons for his leaving of the order, but he seemed a good guy. When he heard of our adventures in the Shadowfell Keep he was seriously impressed, especially when he saw Ecris, Keegan's sword.
All in all, he seemed to be a bit better suited to guiding than Rendil, who had come in during our conversations with the dragonborn and the ranger. Not exactly a fan of Rendil myself, I was still taken aback by Ziruna's brusque decision to dump the halfling and instead hire Terrlen.

In half an hour we left again, this time for the Bloodreaver headquarters. Terrlen was our guide and indeed, he seemed sure of his path. When we were rather close to our goal, the ranger suddenly transformed in big wolf-man hybrid. He was no match for our party's force, but he succeeded in biting both Ziruna and Lilsy. We knocked him unconscious, unsure of his alignment. When he fell to the ground, he morphed back to human form.
At first I didn't notice this the bites my friends had taken, being confused by Terrlen's transformations, but after a while I asked Gründahl to check their wound. I tried to recall all that I knew about wolf-mans. It was called lycanthropy, I think, and there were two causes to get it: a curse or a disease. Ziruna's bite did look infected, but the paladin had cured it. Lilsy's bite didn't look infected, but her violent tendencies were emphasised in the ensuing discussion with Terrlen. I guess that's to be understood if you've just been bitten. Lilsy had a point, too... How could it be that Terrlen hadn't mentioned this to us? It turned out that he indeed had had some blackouts. Some of the expeditions he had joined hadn't returned except for him.
I had to agree with Lilsy it was monumentally stupid of him not to tell this to us, but he seemed sincere and repentant. I there argued against killing him on the spot, as Lilsy did.

Terrlen thought that he had had the lycanthropic spells since uncovering a bronze plaque in the "House of Silence". He described that as an old minotaur temple. After a vehement discussion we more or less agreed to travel to this place and try to lift the ranger's curse.

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