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Session 4 (Tyrr)

More kobolds.

Tyrr's story

5 Nightal, 1479 DR

Tyrr and the group returned to the inn with a feeling of emptyness about the mission. There was evil about, but lady Linora was not able to tell them much. Tyrr stayed up for only a bit longer as he was having a good conversation about dragons with Ziruna, but once that was done he decided to retire early.

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

The next day probably didn't meet up with the expectations of Linora as well. The group met with the local lord and with Linora again. At first the lord thought that we were there only for the kobold threat. It appeared that Lilsy had an encounter with the lord last night in the inn and said we could help him with the kobolds. But Linora joined us only shortly after we entered the lords room. This lord was as much convinced of the ideas of Linora as Tyrr and his companions. After a long discussion the group was hired to get rid of the kobold threat and if they happened to be able to find any signs of the cult of Shar at work they should bring them to the lord. But only then if the evidence was good enough would the lord believe it and spent valuable resources.

'Well' Tyrr thought to himself. 'This appears to be a worse situation he had gotten himself in than I thought.' 'I need to find my mentor, but with kobolds around and maybe even worse threats of the cult of Shar, I sure won't be able to go around the country side on my own.' He looked around the group. These sure were a good group of people. 'I will keep with the group and join them on these quests for now. I will benefit from the money, I will get to know the surrounding better, will rid the surrounding countryside of threats to make my search easier and maybe even find more clues to the where abouts of Douven.'
This satisfied Tyrr's thoughts enough and without a word of comment to the rest of the group he just went along.

The group got their gear and prepared to go to the southeast where the kobold lair was supposed to be. Some others of the group decided that they had some things to do first so he gave the market a quick look and afterwards went to the gates to wait for the rest. He found some interesting books but not much of the surrounding area. The book he saw in the lords room was a lot more interesting, too bad he took it away from Tyrr before he could really read it. For some reason some others needed to go to the inn and even to the local store. Something about Equilibria having met the owner of the store who kinda fancied her. Do we have time for this?

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