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Session 16 (Equilibria)

Redemption denied, access granted

Equilibria's story

9 Nightal, 1479 DR

After chanting the words to Selune, the undead kept dead. Not as much tired as shaken, we regained our compusure in the room in the back. It soon became apparent that this was some sort of sanctuary, dedicated to Selune, Lady of the Moon. What this room was doing here, being guarded by undead, was a mystery to us.
This didn't stop the halfling at all, and soon Lilsy had found 6 necklaces, all bearing the trappings of Selune. There was also a door in the back, which was soon opened.

This allowed us to see a final chamber where a stone coffin rested on a large dais. On the lid a fierce warrior in plate mail armour was decripted. Indeed, was, for soon the lid exploded and a gaunt place rose from its resting place. It were the remains of Sir Keegan, the lord of this keep before it became the Shadowfell Keep. He asked several of us (Ziruna, Grundahl, Lilsy and me) whether we're sure of our purpuse and our worth. I could only reply with a firm "yes", fortunately swallowing "more than you". Keegan gave Lilsy his holy sword Ecris, given to him by King Therion. Lilsy accepted and I'm pretty sure her greedy nature compelled her to do this, and not her sense of rightenousness.
Sir Keegan was thoroughly miserable, and convinced that he is "beyond redemption". Of course, he killed his wife, children and comrades, but he was driven insane by the power of the dragon! He didn't seem to accept these mitigating circumstances and frankly, I am now doubting them myself. Some deeds are too horrible.
He urged us to continue, and seek "the boons of Selune". Believing we already had those (the necklaces) we were deciding what to do when all of a sudden the zombies in the hallway attacked us again! I tried to convince the others to keep in the sanctuary of Selune, but my friends pressed the attack. Or at least they tried, but the zombies wielded crossbows and quite skillfully. Keegan urged us to ask the help of Selune. After some false starts I convinced others to help me in praying to Selune. When several of us chanted the words on the altars again, a bright silvery light shone from the sanctuary into the hallway, repelling the coffins. It seemed, however, that Keegan was also repelled as he was again sleeping in his coffin. Poor soul.
We rested and then struck out again, still not having found the portal.

Keegan hadn't had the chance to give us directions, so we simply walked back towards the strange sigils, convinced to move beyond them. Lilsy tapped one of them with a crossbow bolt. A loud screeching wail introduced extra zombies and skeletons from (what we believed to be) north and west, which we fortunately vanquished without much trouble.
Better safe than sorry, I simply teleported beyond the tapped sigil, moving trough a hallway only to find another identical sigil. Before I could cross that, Grundahl (never the most nimble) triggered the first sigil. The ensuing wail hit us in a primal fashion and we fleed back towards the sanctuary.

We pulled ourselves together again and after a while we moved towards the signs again. Jumping, shoving and pulling ensued but somehow we all got across several sigils.
It seemed that we had finally left the undead stuff behind us. New problems faced us, as this area was occupied by goblins their ilk. We bluffed our way through several sentries and a small army of them...

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