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Session 5 (Eowan)

Kobold cave

Eowan's story

So we left the town and took the road to the southeast, where we heard that the most kobold activity was. Lilsy still seemed to be very happy with the flower i bought for her.

When we were further away from the town, we all paid very good attention to what we heard and saw. Kobolds could be behind every rock. Later that day it happened, another ambush. A couple of them blocked the road. There also seemed to be some kind of caster in the back. Grundahl took the center while the caster was hitting me with acid spells. He had to be taken out quickly, so i fey stepped next to him. He was suprised by this and i tried to quickly get rid of him. Another kobold started to interfere, but luckily Equilibria helped me and we got them down fast. Meanwhile the others were taking care of the rest of the group, and when we joined them, it was easy to finish off.

I guess we must be getting closer to the kobold source now. Luckily some of our group found some kobold tracks leading into the forest. We decided to follow them. Meanwhile Lilsy had taken the dragon-helmet from the kobold caster and was running around with it. Something more important also was found, a small dragon statue, probably working as a kind of holy symbol for that kobold. And it had the symbol of Shar on it, so maybe these kobold have something to do with Linora's dreams after all.

So we followed the tracks untill we ended at an open space in the forest and nobody could see any tracks anymore. So we tried to listen carefully. It seemed there was some sounds coming from 100 yards into the forest, it could be an animal, but also a kobold. So Lilsy decided to sneak to there and find out. A few minutes later Ninaran came walking out of the forest, with Lisly running and jumping behind her. She asked what we were doing, and we explained that we were looking for the kobold lair. Fortunately she knew where it was, and pointed in a direction saying it was 500 yards that way. While we were talking about how to approach the kobolds, Ninaran was suddenly gone.

First we went closer till we were about 100 yards from the kobold place. Lilsy then went ahead to scout the area. She told us there was a big waterfal, and a lot of kobolds, about 14! Since we didn't wanted to be overwhelmed by those shifty combaters, we made a plan. Lisly was going to sneak to there, throw a shuriken at one of them, and then run back so they would follow her and run into our ambush.

Lilsy was gone for a few minutes now. Then we heard a scream from her. This must be to attract their attention to follow her. But Grundahl thought different and stormed from out his hiding place towards Lilsy. A couple of seconds later we heard another scream, and Ziruna decided to follow Grundahl, and i did the same. Our ambush plan was already ruined by Grundahl now anyway. Halfway we saw Lilsy, without any kobolds behind her. She was bleeding and telling us that the she had killed 2 of them, and that they died very easy. While Equilibria hit Grundahl in the face, we decided it was time for another plan! Tyrr came up with the idea to place a big icy cloud on a group of them. We shouldn't enter that area since it hurt a lot. So we approached from another side, untill Tyrr was within casting range. He casted his cloud and soon after that a few kobolds dropped. Ziruna and i started to charge in and a big fight followed. One kobold ran into the waterfal, apparently there was something behind it. While he ran in, he was screaming something, which Equilibria translated by that he was calling for Irontooth. Most of the kobolds outside were killed by now, and Grundahl runned into the waterfall. A couple of spears appeared out of the waterfall and seconds later Grundahl was outside again, waiting next to the waterfall, and screaming that there was a cave with a LOT of kobolds inside. It seems smart now to go away, take some rest, and make a plan, before storming into that waterfall. And what would Irontooth be? Another kobold? Or, like Lisly was thinking and Ziruna was hoping, a dragon?

Two of the kobolds we encountered

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

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