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Session 5 (Lilsy)

More kobolds

Lilsy's story

Dear Jarrod,

Wow, those were quite some fights. We found kobolds on the road with some kind of spellcaster but we quickly killed those. They hit me quite a bit while I was walking around so I should be more careful in the future! The kobolds at the road had lots of gold! Yay! Oh, and there was very cool bone mask carved to be like a dragon! I carried it on my head for the rest of the day! At one time I thought I heard it say 'Rawr'! Cool, huh! Oh, there was also some statue of a dragon which was painted with the holy symbol of Shar. After that we followed their tracks into the woods, but we got kind of lost. Luckily we met Ninarin who was extremely annoying but she pointed us toward the Kobold lair. Actually kind of a strange 'coincidence' that she happened to be there so near to the kobold lair while we left her in the inn of Winterhaven. She probably was following us to inform her friends of the cult of Shar! Anyhow, there were 14 kobolds outside the kobold lair. Tyrr blasted them with lots of cool spells and I killed 3 or 4! Yay! Gründahl noticed that there were a lot more inside and apparently one of the kobolds ran inside to warn someone called 'Irontooth'. I wouldn't know because I can't understand a word these Kobolds are saying! Everyone seems to think Irontooth is a dragon! Exciting! We are now resting a bit so we can go slay us a dragon!

Love, your sister Lilsy, dragon slayer!

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

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