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Session 26 (Equilibria)

Overstaying our welcome

Equilibria's story

15 Nightal, 1479 DR

When I got downstairs for breakfast, Ziruna was already pretty pissed. Rendil was nowhere to be found. That was to be expected but Zir would have none of it. He started harrassing the staff and even some guests at the inn in his anger. Erra snapped a bit and told us that she'd have to charge us for our stay. That didn't really faze the dragonborn, however. (He was holding hundreds of gold coins at that moment in our journey, and the hospitality was already a bit unreal at that point.) I tried to calm Ziruna down but it was mostly in vain.
After a while Rendil was found and the warlord pretty much pounced upon the halfling. The conversation turned ugly, and some enforcers came in the inn, alarmed by Rendil's cries for help. Groan. Just what we needed.

After all this unpleasantness it was time to move towards the Customs House, where we were told that we were expected by an Ordinator Arcanis, one of the Mages of Saruun Khel. Whoah, they brought in the big balista's to deal with Lilsy's kleptomanic urges...
Turned out that the Ordinator held council on top of the big minotaur statue. He tried to impress us with his entrance, but after many years in Myth Drannor his theatrics felt weak and uninspired. The guy was called Orontor and tried to pin Lilsy's theft upon her. I must say, Lilsy's defense was rather good, as she played the innocent victim, the babe in the woods. Even I had a hard try to resist her perky act.
Seeing that that didn't work, Orontor tried a different tack. He told us that one of the mages, one Paldemar, had gone missing. In veiled words, he asked us to go and find him. In return for our efforts, the charges against Lilsy would be dropped. Ah well, another idiotic quest wouldn't hurt. Bloodreavers, boar, mage. Orontor implied that Paldemar had "gone bad" though, so we had to proceed with a little bit more caution.

Finally, we could leave. Led by Rendil, we marched towards the Bloodreaver hide-out through the Labyrinth. (I'm pretty sure we ran in circles at one point but I'm horrible at underground navigation so don't take my word for it.)
The hide-out was a walled complex, with a single gate being the only available entrance. We sent out Lilsy to scout the entrance, which was guarded by some goblins. However, the morning's audience had gotten to her and she fumbled around like Gründahl, ruining our approach from that angle. Hastily we retreated some corridors before trying it from the other flank. This time, Lilsy wasn't as clumsy. However, the guards weren't stupid and retreated back in the complex.
We all gathered at the gates and on the paladin's sign, he and Eowan broke down the doors. Ziruna immediately ordered Gründahl forward. He came to stand beside four enormous barrels, effectively blocking the corridor. He was rewarded by pretty much all the attention the three goblins and one human present could muster. Sturdy as he is, the dwarf shrugged off their attacks (OK, he had a little help from Zir), while the rest of us made quick work of the enemy.

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