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Session 1 (Eowan)

Village Rampage!

Eowan's story

1 Nightal, 1479 DR

After a long day travel it was nice to finally reach a small village. Semmyr it was called, and at the entrance a guard asked them what we were going to do in the village. We explained that we were planning to spend the night, and were let in.

Grundahl first went to the church, while the rest of us entered the local inn. There were a few people inside, one of them was a pale bald human with a single topknot, sitting there eating some dinner. He stared at Zirune for a few seconds while we entered. When we ordered a drink, i suddenly heard a high whistle from outside. I asked Ziruna and Equilibria to join me to look what was going on. Once we arrived outside we saw a big group of people standing at the village entrance. Small groups were running around, storming into houses and breaking them down.

Ziruna ran to one of the houses and i followed him. He asked what they were doing, but it seemed they were ignoring him, not a smart choice, as Ziruna entered the house.

Meanwhile some villagers inside the houses were screaming and when i looked back at the inn, i noticed that they had angered Equilibria and my guess was she could use some help. Grundahl, who was back from the church again and arrived at the inn, started to attack them while they wanted to enter the inn, and the bald human seemed to help us by casting some spell on the ones at the gate. Maybe we could take these intruders with the help of some villagers.

I started to help Grundahl and a few of them went down easy. We continued the fight at the entrance of the inn. Then one of the intruders, who was wearing more then rags and improvised weapons, came walking from the village gate to the inn and asked us to mind our own business. I told him they should leave, but he responded by shooting a crossbow bolt at me, aimed very well. Then most of the intruders came to the entrance of the inn, and Grundahl decided to stop them from entering the inn. Meanwhile someone inside the inn had put a knife on the throat of one of the villagers and Equilibria was trying to stop her/him.

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