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Session 14 (Tyrr)

The cavern below..

Tyrr's story

8 Nightal, 1479 DR

The four goblins and two drakes gave us a run for our money in the state we attacked them. Breathing hard and downright tired we left the dungeon to take a good nights rest just outside the ruins. There was an arguement that we should be returning to Winterhaven for the night, but some of us were too tired and we didn't want to arrive late into the evening or even night. Splug's bonds were tied to a tree, though he promised us he wasn't going anywere, not having anywhere to go as well.

9 Nightal, 1479 DR

The next morning we entered the dungeon early again. We took a quick look in all the places we had already been so not to be surprised by any goblins or other creatures. But the lair was empty as far as we could see. We made our way down the stairs, heading for the other stairs leading even further down, when Splug saw something wrong with the wall opposite the stairs. What we couldn't find in the goblin leader's room, Splug found for us on the other side. After some examination and thorough wrecking we found this was a secret door leading to another pair of stairs leading back to the goblin room. Well at least it was a mystery no more where he went when the goblin leader disappeared. But because this secret hallway led only back and no further rooms were found there were only two places the goblin could have gone. Either he was behind the door we weren't able to open yet, or he went down into the natural cavern. And because Splug knew there was a door in the natural cavern he wasn't allowed to go, that was a good place to start.

We made our way down the stairs and into the cavern. It held a musty smell and was filled with stalagmites, stalactites and loose rocks. And worst of all, huge catsized rats were running over the floor, the walls and the ceiling above us. As Splug told us the door would be to the right of the entrace we made our way there. The door was easily found. They were double doors and had the message that everyone should stay out written on them. We were soon to found out why that was written on the doors.

We opened the doors and behind it was another stair leading even further down. We made our way carefully down expecting attacks. But it actually led to an empty room which composed mostly out of water. There was some dry floor on the side of the stairs and a little island in the middle of the water. There were some bones and the odd stuff on the island, but nothing much more. We could have left it at that, but we were just a little too curious. I was of a mind to use my inner powers to rummage arround a bit on the island from a distance. But before I could do anything Equilibria decided that she wanted to know how deep it was and she attached something heavy to a rope and let it loose into the water. It was far deeper thatn we suspected and the rope started to drift a bit towards the island. Equilibria decided to start and pull back the rope when we were surprised by a monster swiftly appearing from the water and assaulting us with his tentacles and foul stench. Though we were surprised we made a clean retreat towards the stairs and closed them before the creature could get throught. We decided if this things needed dealt with, we would do it at a later time.

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