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Session 1 and 2 (Lilsy)

Dragon breath.

Lilsy's story

Dear Jarrod,

A couple of days ago, I met new friends and saved a village in the process! I arrived at Semmir late last night and behind me mean guys stabbed the gate guard as I promised you I quickly snuck away and hid in an alleyway. The mean men broke into the houses of Semmir in small groups. I couldn't let this happen to the people of Semmir. (As you know, Trystus has some family in Semmir, but I forgot to look them up.) I snuck into one of the houses to see if I could help, but the evil men stayed in a group together and that seemed to much of a challenge for me, so I snuck out again. Outside a dragonborn (yes, a dragonborn) confronted a different group as they were battering down a door. They ignored him and he confronted one inside the house, I watched him from a safe place. The dragonborn actually cleaved the guy in half in one swing! Wow!

I decided to sneak up to check out the other meanies, but the dragonborn seemed to be somewhat less stealth and barged up the stair behind me. He hadn't seen me and almost ran me over. He tried to grab me and said something like that he would take me to safety. I was safe the minute before! The meanies had spotted us now though and I had no chance to disembowel the closest one before he would be able to attack us. I told the dragonborn to help me already and he did! Do you know what he did? He actually breathed ice on all the mean evil guys! And I saw it! I'm so lucky! It really is lucky! I actually fought a lot better afterwards, I seemed to get in all the right blows! The dragonborn and I make such a great team! After we neutralized the mean guy threat, I introduced myself to him and the dragonborn (who can actually breath ice (yes, really!)) is called Ziruna and carries a very large sword.

When we get outside the house, we can't see any mean guys anymore and we head to the inn were apparently a big fight has taken place. Ziruna seems to know some of the people who have fought there and I introduce myself to everyone. Ziruna is worried about the other houses so we check out the other houses while I explain to Ziruna how awesome we are as a team. Did I tell you about the ice breathing already? No evil guys there luckily. When we get back people explain that they are very happy that we rescued our village and that we can stay and eat and drink there for free! Yay, this will be a great night! Apparently the mean bad guys were after Gevarn whom Ziruna's friends rescued. Gevarn was sent by the priestess of Chauntea to get help for their village because a cult of Shar is planning to do evil things in their village. I can't really remember what evil things but they are probably very insidious! So I (and also the others except for Tyrr that is) promised to go see this village, Winterhaven, and talk to hear and see if we like the reward she's willing to offer us!

So now I am on the road together with Ziruna and his friends:

  • Equilibria, a menacing looking Tiefling who can cast mysterious magic!
  • Grundahl who carries a huge hammer and loves Moradin a lot and can drink a lot of beer! (Although the other won't give him beer; I'm not really sure what that's about.)
  • Eowan, an elf with a sword. Very graceful and he can also cast spells. I might learn something from him!
  • Tyrr, who is very interested in all kinds of things and writes a lot. He's very friendly.
  • Ziruna, a dragonborn who is obviously awesome!
  • Gevarn, an acolyte of Chauntea who has a huge holy symbol and is very pious! (Okay, that's not exciting at all actually)
So you see, I made new friends! They are great except when they talk about history. When they talk about history they are very boring at first until they start disagreeing then it starts to get interesting to watch, but I hope they don't get into a real fight. When they talked about history in the Eastern Thunderpass fortress I started telling tall tales with the dwarves there. Baern, Rangrim and Thordek especially laughed at my story about when we celebrated the feast of the moon together!

We traveled a couple of days more and I talked to many of my new friends. I try to avoid the history subjects as much as possible to avoid them going off and having a discussion again. The scenery here is sometimes amazing. From the heights I've had great views on huge flocks of fluffy mungools! Sometimes though it gets really boring and all you see is rocks, rocks, and more rocks. Now, we seem to be on a plain of some kind and things are starting to get more green so maybe we can see some interesting things here. I do hope we will get to Winterhaven soon, I could use a party!

Love, your little sister, Lilsy the hero of Semmir!

5 Nightal, 1479 DR

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