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Session 3 (Lilsy)

Kobold breath. Phew!

Lilsy's story

Dear Jarrod,

Yesterday, on the plateau, we saw goblin tracks, but when I sneaked ahead (or actually, I tried to sneak ahead but the rest of the group kept moving forward... Sigh) it turned out to be kobold tracks! They are green and scaly and have awful breath! They are also small and bouncy and giggle a lot! Anyway Ziruna and I formed our killer team quickly and his ice breath was lucky again, because I killed four kobolds! They got me too though, but don't worry because I'm fine again already! It was an awesome fight and we really kicked kobold ass! Equilibria threw strange shadowy bolts and I think I saw Tyrr freeze 3 kobolds himself! I just hope that the kobold stench would get out off my clothes! Phew!

After this we went to Winterhaven which has a huge square tower! Gevarn asked us when we wanted to see sister Linora. As soon as possible, ofcourse! That's what we're here for! Anyway, we went to the inn and Gevarn and Gründahl went to the temple. (There were all kinds of strange theories about what Gründahl does there but I think (and hope) he is just praying to Moradin.) The inn looked as good as any and I gave everyone some beers from the Kobold's money and chatted up with some of the locals and ofcourse explained everyone how good a team we are! After a while Gründahl came back and we had a beer and then we thought it was time to go to this Linora person.

We went through half the town to get to the temple. There we met Gevarn (who seemed suprised that we were there) who introduced us to sister Linora. Sister Linora seemed upset because Chauntea had told here that Shar was planning something. Well.. that seemed a bit vague to me! What does she want us to do? To go talk to Shar and ask her if she can move her plans elsewehere? Weird! Gründahl wanted to ask Moradin for advice but sister Linora did not seem to like that! With such a vague assignment I want a good reward, because probably there is nothing happening and I will be bored out of my skull all the time! Linora promised us that she would discuss it with the mayor or something, so we agreed to come back tomorrow. She said that if we wanted to check out anything the ruins are probably the best place to start. Well, those might be interesting, we might find an old treasure! Tyrr also told us that there was a buried dragon in the junk yard. That's even more exciting. If Linora's job doesn't pay too well we might go dragon hunting! Yay! And now we can go party in the inn!

Love, your little sister, Lilsy kobold-slayer!

5 Nightal, 1479 DR

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