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Session 10 (Tyrr)

Darkness inside the town

Tyrr's story

7 Nightal, 1479 DR

Well.. We nearly didn't make it through that fight. Half surprised thrown into combat with two of our members still outside. I managed to stay standing through it all, but the rest of the group wasn't so fortunate. But being able to keep standing was only possible because of our close combat fighters. They took blow after blow after blow, going down and getting back up again when they were needed the most. We came through, barely..

After the fight we took a good look around. It was a dreadful place, the light I had cast upon my ball made things better, but it only shines so far. And shadows were plentiful beyond my light. Lilsy was already running around going through the corpses and finding some secret room behind a wall. She started smashing it with a pike she found somewhere, but only when Gründahl helped did they finally smash through the wall. There was probably an easier way through, but I guess some more destruction was on their mind. Behind the door was Bairwinn's money chest and some books. There were two interesting ones. One about Shadraxil and one with words of power. After some study I found that the magic tome was all about understanding unknown langues. Though it was explained in a different way, it was a skill I had already mastered when I translated books for Douven. The book about Shadraxil was slightly more interesting. Specially in the combination of the note that we found to Bairwinn. The note had the following words on it:

Your latest shipment of supplies should meet
the keep's needs until the ritual is finished, which
should be any day now. I will send word if we
require anything else. Rest assured that you will
be rewarded by for your actions on behalf of Shar
once Shadraxil is released from his prison.


The book told us the story about the defeat of the dragon. But it held no words about his descruction whasoever. We learned that evidence was created to throw off any doers of evil that were interested in the dragon. Like the slaying of a younger shadow dragon, the one we found in the garbage pit. Though the dragon was taken captive and in no way able to use his powers to free himself he still was able to curse his slayer. This made him go mad and finally drove him to slay his entire family. Later we learned that the location of the keep was where the goblins were hiding out in the northeast. At the same time Equilibria had found another book on the altar, she said she couldn't read it though.
Well this called for some of my talents. It was not a language I could read, but I felt I could make it work if I set my head to it. I lifted the book upstairs and laid it on the counter. I took a sturdy stand against the counter and grabbed some crushed fluffy mungool bones from my beltpouch. I said a small word of power and moved my hand over the book while releasing the bonedust. It didn't fall down on the book, it just floated above it. I closed my eyes and started to slowly and softly roll words of power over my tongue. Then slowly but surely the temperature around me started to fall and ice crystals were gathering on the bonedust particles. More words of power and a quick wave of the hand made the frozen bonedust disappear into nothingness. I opened my eyes and looked upon the book before me. Though nothing really changed to the book for anyone else, but my eyes suddenly saw the proper connections and my brain was able to understand what was written in the book. It surely was a holy book of Shar. It was filled with her words, stories and rituals. This was no book for the faint of heart. This was a book for followers of Shar of the higher orders. Bairwinn had not simply been a pawn after all.

We took all this and news of the death and betrayal of Bairwinn to lord Padraig. At first he couldn't believe that silly shopkeeper was a true follower of Shar. It took some time, but we convinced him to follow us to the shop and see for himself. Sister Linora was called in aswell. The spy inside the town had been caught, but there was more to be dealt with outside the town. Unsurprisingly enough Lord Padraig asked us to have a look into it and travel to the ruins of the keep in the northeast. This we did the following day..

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