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Session 17 (Tyrr)

Lord Keegan's misfortune

Tyrr's story

9 Nightal, 1479 DR

Behind the double doors in the refuge of Selune we found the coffin of Lord Keegan. The place he himself decided he should spent eternity suffering for what he did to his family and companions. This we found out when Ziruna tried to leave the room with the coffin again. Some of us were still examining the two altars we had found in Selune's refuge were we had found her holy words inscribed on them and six amulets created with Selune's blessing in a hidden compartment. The coffin opened and a skeleton with a sword rose from it. His voice boomed through the room as he spoke to all of us in turn asking us if we would risk our lives by all that was most valuable in our lives. Were we worthy of our gods, our inner powers and our strengths? The dragon should not be released into this world again. The ritual had to be stopped. He told us he could not leave and was convinced he would have to suffer for eternity for what he had done. Even though he had vanguished the dragon and it was the dragon who had used his last powers to force the man to destroy what he loved most. There was no convincing the dead Keegan, probably stuck in this mindset from the day he died. He gave us two things when he was convinced we were honourable enough. His sword, which was filled with power's of Elune and the words that we should seek out the boons of Selune.

I left the room suitable impressed by his presence, but as we were all outside and started to go past the other coffins again, they slammed open once more and more skeletons made their out of them. But this time there were more and they had bows aswell. We were not going to make it by our own strength this time. We needed the help of Selune, who was still a strong presence here. These thoughts were seconded by Keegan as he was shouting from behind us that we should call upon her for help. I raised my amulet and called upon her name to vanguish the skeletons. This felt right somehow, but it didn't slow down the skeletons. But Equilibria had the great idea of chanting the words that were on the altars as well. But either her voice alone wasn't enough or her conviction wasn't strong enough. But I picked up her idea and soon others joined aswell. The light of Selune turned a lot brighter all of a sudden and enveloped the skeletons. I am no follower of Selune, but I have strong faith in the gods and this was one of her holy places in this world. The holy light of Selune repelled the skeletons and they made their way inside the coffins again, hopefully to rest there for eternity again.

Now we had to go back to the hallways with the runes on the ground again, that was the only place we hadn't been to yet. We were discussing plans to get to the other side without anyone touching them when Lilsy had enough and grabbed an arrow form her pack and touched the rune. An inhuman moan rose from around us and shivers ran through us. The sounds were so frightening thatthere was nothing else to do but run for a safe place. The runes had summoned more undead to us. Though we were scared beyond much of anything we had lived through our lives we had to stand and fight, the only thing that probably gave us strength enough to fight was the fact that we had already came upon these creatures before and defeated them. These we defeated as well but the feeling of dread hadn't left us yet. The second time we moved over the runes, the moan was heard once more and even then we felt it strike to our hearts. But we managed to get passed the feeling and the runes. I hoped these would be the last undead we would encounter. I was actually quite happy to see normal living hobgoblin guarding a gate that we found in the next room we came too.

We entered the hobgoblin area without too much thought. There were only two of them at the entrance. But we they ask for a password and some quick thinking tells us this is the place we should give the password we got from that goblin called Bolgar. And now we are inside the hobgoblin place and they seem to be everywhere. Ziruna and Equilibria forcebly ask these creatures for the route to Kalarel. Well at least he is here and we are going the right way. Glad I don't have to talk to these creatures, I tried to look tough and convince them of something at the entrance, but they saw right through me. I am just not made for that, I will stay with my knowledge and my inner strength for now.

We entered a room with a pit and two other exits. One we could see led to some cage straight ahead. We took the other one leading to the right. We came to another room and took a right again as that is were some hobgoblin said Kalarel would be. We decided to take a quick breather in the next room as there were no hobgoblins around. We quickly checked the two doors leading out of this chamber and were deciding on a plan when a hobgoblin entered the room and came directly for us. It seemed we had passed by the hobgoblin warleader in wanting to go for Kalarel immediately. And before we could decide to rid us of this one hobgoblin a patrol entered the place as well. Probably no coincidence, but with the amount of hobgoblins we saw earlier it was probably no smart move to take on the patrol at this time. On to meet this warleader then and see what he has to say.

And that proved to us that it was a flawed plan to just barge on in and see what would happen. We were led towards a recreational room of some kind, but before we could enter a dropgate slammed closed before us. The warleader appeared behind the gate and asked us what our business was. We explained that we were here for Kalarel and not for him. Lilsy added that we were sent by Baerwinn. This confused the hobgoblin and he left us standing at the gate. The gate opened and we walked inside the room. The room was mostly filled with a huge table and the warleader standing on the other side of it, two more doors lead elsewhere. Guess the hobgoblin was onto us and the gate closed behind us again and doors opened and more hobgoblins entered the room aswell. A quick fight ensued and we managed to take them all down quickly enough, but we were getting to be quite tired. I helped Gründahl turn the table to its side and slam it against the opening of the hallway leading back.

We quickly found out the other doors led to two other rooms without any exits. Other hobgoblins found their way to our gate soon enough, so we were trapped not knowing how many more hobgoblins were outside. Equilibria had found the plans on the ground that there was a plan to attack Winterhaven with a small army of hobgoblins and believers. And We found three things of note inside the two rooms. A chest with valuables, the lever to open the gate and the warleader's woman. A nasty female hobgoblins with a big mouth and a fairly quick mind. She almost immediately thought she found some room for survival in her place when she found out her hubby was no more. As the other hobgoblins had no idea what the state of the warleader was she offered to negotiate our way out of this mess. She was confident she could convince the other hobgoblins that she was speaking in the warleaders stead. An interesting idea, but how ever can we trust her. Well, we already know we can't, but how far will she hold true to her word was more important. The hobgoblins outside were already trying to break their way in with wooden beams as leverage beneath the gate. We detered this with some of our magicks, but we need a plan and a good one at that.

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