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Session 11 (Tyrr)

The Keep

Tyrr's story

8 Nightal, 1479 DR

We made our way towards the ruins of the keep. It was uneventful, far too uneventful. We were able to come upon the ruins without any interference at all. Not a living soul in sight and it was far too quiet. Some of us had the feeling we were being watched, but that was a feeling alone it seemed. We couldn't detect anyone near us.

The keep must have been huge, there were traces of it in quite a large area. But there wasn't much left of it after all this time. There were no signs of recent passage and it still looked very quiet. A quick look around brought us to a stairs leading down into the depths of the former keep. It was dark inside, at least dark compared to the daylight we were standing in outside. The quiet was creeping me out a bit, but we had to go in if we were to complete our mission. I mumbled a word and my orb started to shine again. With Gründahl and Ziruna leading us we carefully made our way downstairs.

When we got downstairs we came into large room with 3 more hallways leading in all 3 other directions and four pillars near the corners leaving enough space to walk around them. We were immediately spotted by a goblin who shouted that we were intruders and ran away. Guess our light and maybe the sound of our entry gave us away. There was one goblin still standing on the other side of the room, as if waiting for something. Lilsy immediately disappeared into the shadows and as there were no immediate other threats, Gründahl decided to jump on the goblin before he could do something to us. This turned into quite a mistake though as the center of the room was a trap. The floor collapsed below his feet and he tumbled into a pit with rats. It didn't take long for more goblins to appear and us spreading around the room to take them out. Once more we were in the thick of things and getting bruised and bleeding all over. We finally took care of the ones attacking us and decided to leave for now. Us leaving triggered another goblin still in hiding somewhere in the hall to the left of the stairs. Gründahl went down and Ziruna charged after the goblin. But we didn't want to go in too far yet as we were pretty tired from the battle and needed to help Gründahl and have a proper look at our own wounds. Ziruna saw the goblin leave behind some kind of curtain and ordered us outside. There we took up a where we could rest a bit and still be able to look at the entrance to the underground.

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