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Session 8 (Tyrr)

Following the steps of Douven

Tyrr's story

6 Nightal, 1479 DR

Equilibria and her dat decided to move away from the inn. Tyrr guessed that either his interest or of others in his group was a little too much for their taste. Later Gründahl left the inn for some relief after his taste for the beers. Which later Tyrr found out wasn't just for that but that he had a plan in mind. Later he learned from Eowan, who went after him to check why he was taking so long, that he wanted to watch the gate to see if the spy would be leaving town. This wasn't truly such a bad plan hadn't Gründahl been so badly hurt in the last battle, needing thorough rest. So after a heated discussion if the rest of the group should do something about it Lilsy left to check on the dwarf. This heated discussion was obviously partly overheard by other patrons of the inn and if the spy happened to be among them, things might surely have been ruined. But ofcourse there was no way of knowing if any one actually heard something and would do anything with it. Tyrr went to check at the door if Lilsy was doing a good job of leaving the town quietly, but Lilsy wasn't easily spottable and he was distracted by the snoring body of Equilibria lying in the gutter. That must have been an interesting date, specially if the already suspect innkeeper dropped her of like this. Quickly waking her up, but soon finding out not much of any use was coming from her, Tyrr threw her over the shoulder and dumped her unceremoniously in her bed. There not being too much use of staying up much longer after a while Eowan and Tyrr left for bed aswell. Okok, it was Silvana who sent the last two of the group upstairs as she was locking up and going to bed herself.

7 Nightal, 1479 DR

The next morning they heard the details of Equilibria's date. She actually drank only a small amount of wine, a lot less than she herself and the others of the group who knew her the longest said she could handle. We learned quickly enough from Silvana that the shopkeeper actually was a bit of a womaniser and he had been trying this with about any woman who lived here or came through town. Equilibria was obviously furious and the group guessed the man was in for a visit. The man was confident enough at first, but after the first words of accusation he was already starting to tremble. After more words, a slap to the face and a booted iron foot of Gründahl on his chest he was rambling and if he wasn't thoroughly out of breath would be shouting the whole town awake. Well Tyrr thought, this pathetic man was a danger to some woman, but could hardly be the spy. A guard came to have a look to see what was happening, but was gone quickly enough when he found what was going on. He laughed and mumbled something about the shopkeeper having it coming and walked away. Thinking the man was punished enough, the group left the shop.

Lilsy then wanted a quick visit to the blacksmith for some climbing gear. Tyrr thought this was a good idea as he had noticed the blacksmith watching them very actively when they passed his shop by. But to the question of what he thought of the destruction of the kobolds he was purely positive. And was expecting better trade without the kobolds.

After this Tyrr was amazed when the group decided after more discussion that they were going for the location his mentor was seen last. He so wanted to know what happened to his mentor, but he was prepared to wait a bit more if he would get the help of his new companions. What he did not expect when they arrived that others were digging there. A gnome seemed to be in charge of some human diggers and they had some kind of two legged lizards standing guard. They at first offered the group to have a look at the findings they had made. But they soon turned aggressive when we got too close and combat ensued.

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