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Session 34 (Hildegarde)

Shopping & bar fight

Hildegarde's voice

17 Nightal, 1479 DR

So that's basically the way we joined up with Ziruna's troupe: we were promised a whole of fun and a chance to bash in a lot of heads. In two weeks, they had experienced as much as we do in two years!
However, the first day was not very exciting. After a lot of arguing they decided to go shopping -- not exactly thrilling. Of course, they did have a lot of stuff to sell. The magical bag was turned over again and we were stunned by the casual attitude to the riches amassed. Our prospects looked good, so to speak.

Eowan (we have no idea what he is good at) and Lilsy did most of the shopping. The idea was to sell most of the unused magical stuff, buy magical components and then let Tyrr enchant the troupe's thingies. We weren't present at most of their trips but we were told that it took quite some to-and-fro. What? Oh, we were drinking and eating together with the paladin.
Gendar the Drow bought Ecris, some semi-holy sword of a dead guy, for 350 gold pieces. He also mentioned that he was looking for the eyes from a statue of Aurglorasa the Dragon. Supposedly we can find this in the Labyrinth or Underdark? Oh and Gendar also told them that there's some sort of "King of the Dwarves" in the Labyrinth. Well, that's what the "King" says he is. And Gendar says that one his clients says that the "King" has stolen his crown from him. That sounds interesting and something the duergar would do, not a proper dwarf.

Ulthand Deepgem then purchased the rest of the unneeded stuff: a holy symbol of Selune, a nice suit of dwarven chainmail (too constricting for our tastes), and the wand of the recently deceased tiefling. All told that was another 225 gold pieces. Ka-ching!

Some beers later Ziruna came in and he had talked with Vadriar. The sweet old man is apparently a bit haunted, as he muttered to Ziruna stuff about "the invasion is coming", "Granadaur must be stopped" and "troglodytes in the cisterns". Yeah we didn't understand it either.

Lilsy later reported that during their shopping spree House Azeir told her that the "King of the Dwarves" is called Kardanas. Apparently, he and his antics are known in the Hall. Oh, and Gendar's client is Kardanas' brother.

Tyrr did something magical with a note the group had retrieved earlier and had received visions. (Huh what?) He had the spot where the slaves had been taken: a great hall, with gargoyles, and a firey river with two bridges across. This was roughly at the same time Lilsy told us that Gendar knows where the slaves are and that he'll tell us for 200 gold. Hmm. We're not sure about the validity of either of the sources: magic-induced visions or a drow merchant?

Vadriar helps a bit by saying that Tyrr's vision concerns the Horned Hold, an old minotaur stronghold in the Labyrinth. That sounds reasonably valid, so we decided to go look for that tomorrow.
Oh, and Rendil the halfling mentioned that he had seen Ninaran some days earlier. Yeah, we don't know who he is talking about either but the group seemed very interested.

Bored a bit, we decided to ask Surina if she's OK with the change of plans. She is, and accompanies me back to the inn where she devises a plan to pass the time. We still need some information from the duergar. Surina says they're often in Rothar's Taproom, an ugly place with less savoury types as regulars. Under the guise of a barroom fight we could "retrieve" the information from them. Afterwards we would have to leave town for some time though.

Excellent plan as hanging around town had made me restless and spoiling for a fight. We couldn't bring weapons inside the taproom, but the fight went very well anyway.
Surina and Ziruna did as if they had a lovers' fight and got the party started. We must say Ziruna was very convincing! We used the same excuse with Gründahl and he threw me against the two duergar. They wanted to take the opportunity to feel me up but we didn't let them. Instead of stumbling after the throw, we immediately gained our balance and charged the duergar. Hah! Lilsy did some nice stabbing with a dagger she had smuggled inside. Once we had begun, the rest of the clients immediately joined the fight. Apparently that's business as usual there. Good for us, as Surina could beat up the duergar and get the information we wanted without really being noticed.

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