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Session 8 (Lilsy)


Lilsy's story

Dear Jarrod,

After I asked Valthrun about everything I could think off, Valthrun said his goodbyes and invited us to meet him in his tower later. I said goodbye and asked if he really wouldn't rent out his first floor to Tyrr. He is not interested (yet). I asked around in the inn for Kalarel, but nobody knows who he/she/it is. Everybody asked after the fights with the kobolds and I wasn't shy of telling them! While I was talking with Tyrr, Eowan came back in and he had a strange story that Gründahl was out in the woods watching for spies! Last I saw him that dwarf looked like he had been ran over by a stampede of fluffy mungools! Eowan was not worried in the slightest. I decided to go out and check on Gründahl. Eowan said he was somewhere left (or was it right?) of the main gate. Tyrr kept insisting I'd not go so as not to mess up Gründahl's plan. As if I could not be inconspicuous!

Tyrr followed me on the way out of the inn, but I guess he lost me as I snuck off into the darkness. When I looked over my shoulder I saw him looking at the ground to the right side of the inn door or something. Maybe the ale was getting to his stomach? Anyway, yay, sneaking around in the dark again! I tried to climb over the wall so as not to alert the guards, but I decided against it, because I might damage the wall and people might not like that. I strolled past the guards nonchalantly. The guards warned me that the gate would close soon, but I told them I would be back soon. I walked until I was out of view of the guards and then snuck into the forest. I backtracked stealthily to the place you would have the best view of the village gate. How exciting! After some minutes, I saw Gründahl watching the gate intently. He still looked halfway on his way to being roadkill and wasn't even wearing his armor! He was watching the gate so well, that he didn't even notice me sneaking up on him. When I was next to his ear I whispered 'Hi'. He startled and swung a fist at me, but he was off-balance so I easily stepped aside.

Luckily he recognized me and I grinned at him. He explained he thought the spy would go out the gate this night, so he wanted to watch the gate until it closed (which is about now). I told him it was way too dangerous for him to be in the forest at this time, so I came back to watch his back. No idea why he couldn't just watch the gate from the inside! But at least being on watch outside the gate at night is very exciting!

Well... it was exciting for about two minutes. Gründahl fell asleep as soon as the gate closed and I traipsed around a bit, but kept an idea on Gründahl. Nothing exciting happened. I contemplated braiding Gründahl's beard, but the light was too poor so I found a nice soft spot and tried to get some sleep.

The next morning the gate was already open when we woke up, so we might have missed the spy anyhow. Oh well, at least we did not get eaten by a fluffy mungool! Back in the inn, it turned out that Equilibria collapsed right by the inn door last night and was found by Tyrr. How rude of Bairwinn to not bring Equilibria home safely! Equi tried to defende Bairwinn, but after hearing from the innkeeper all the gossip about Bairwinn being a womanizer she started doubting him. She even recalled Bairwinn insisting she drank some wine. He must have poisoned it! He must be the spy and a servant of Shar and secretly a kobold! I knew it! He looked somewhat greenish to me!

So, we all went to Bairwinn's not-so-grand shoppe to 'ask' him to clear some things up. After Ziruna started to stand on him the discussion got a lot better, so I closed the door (and put the "We're closed" sign up) to give us some much-needed privacy. With our combined effort (and Ziruna's fully armored weight) we managed to get out of him that he drugged Equi's drink to take advantage of her! Ew! Eeeeeeeeeeeew! That's even worse than secretly being a kobold! And stupid besides! Equi was already smitten, so all the drugging wasn't even necessary! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew! After some additional mild torturing, Bairwinn started to scream and a guard arrived at the door, but he seemed happy that we taught the wanna-be kobold a lesson! So there! Eeew!

After my nightly escapade I decided it might be a good idea to buy a climber's kit, but ofcourse Bairwinn's not-so-grand shoppe is not my favourite place to shop anymore, so I decided to go the smith. The smith is a dwarf called mister Coalstriker. He was willing to make me a climber's kit, but he refused to buy my goblin two-handed axe and chain shirt! How rude! He also helped Tyrr identify the fancy chain mail we found and it turns out to be magical! And dwarven! And shiny! Ziruna likes the gleam so he decides to wear it. That's good for the Ziruna-Lilsy team, so yay!

We decided not to go to Valthrun now, because sitting in a tower is less exciting than stabbing goblins! (At leat to me, I guess Tyrr thinks otherwise.) Somehow, though, we end up not stabbing goblins but going to the garbage heap where apparently a dragon is buried (Sydawabraxyl probably). After walking through the (utterly uneventful) forest for hours and hours and hours and hours we came to the garbage heap. Apparently there has been some excavation, because there is no heap, but a great big hole! Inside there are some dragon bones (exciting!), two lizards looking like small dragons (scary, but exciting!), some workers (not so exciting!), a gnome (small!) and some halflings (yay!). The gnome invites us to come down and take a better look. How exciting! I'll let you know what this is all about in the next letter!

Love, your sister Lilsy, learned archeologist!

7 Nightal, 1479 DR

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