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Session 1 (Daina)

Colzo is gone

Played on April 12th, 2015

Day -1 until 3 of our seven year journey (13th - 16th)

It's the evening before our birthday and we are gathered in the grassy field close to the village center. We pitched our tent there and we are discussing over the map we have received during our preparation. A lot of the map is quite blurry, but we can make out five signs which we think represent the Kephi. Together we decide that tomorrow we'll head east first to Jutte to try and reach the mountain pass to the north-east to reach our first goal.

After pondering some more on all the adventures we are going to have we all go to sleep eventually to wake up the next morning. People already hinted about the strange phenomenon. But it still caught us as quite a surprise when the village, our home-town, had completely vanished overnight.

We packed our bags and found out the raod to Jutte was still there. So there we went.
That first day was a good one to get started on such a huge journey, a familiar raod with familiar flora and fauna. Not too much happened and we reached a nice camping spot next to the road at dusk.
The next day already was a lot more exciting. The further we went away from the village the more unfamiliar everything became for me. We never had been allowed to travel this far from Colzo.
Halfway through the afternoon we reached a small brook. Fifty yards upstream a large brown metallic object blocked it. As I had learned that we had to investigate during our journey I ran of to it. Behind me I heard some mutters from some of the others that they wanted to get this journey over with so afterwards we would have time to run around investigating.
As I reached the object I walked around it to look for anything familiar. It was about 10 feet across, 25 feet long and I think it measured 6 feet high. After some closer inspection I noticed an indentation with two small holes in the side of the object. I tried scanning it, but I think it was rigged against scanning as I got blown back by a big mind blast.
In the meantime a group of six cloaked people carrying bags and baskets was walking towards us. Ariya introduced herself and one of the group grudgingly replied he was called Gregor and that we were in their way. He asked us to stand back a little so we moved to the forest edge next to the stream as he looked pretty angry. Then he pulled out a stick with a little glowing end and starting waving it about while the six of them started chanting. Silly bunch. Chanting doesn't work on mechanics, it's all about how you treat your machines and you use them correctly. Eventually he did use the stick in an apparent correct way as he poked it in indentation, the big object slid open to reveal a man-sized opening. They all went through the opening and I quickly ran after them to jam my screwdriver into the opening before it would close again. The screwdriver was no match for the object however and it cleanly snapped in two, allowing the door to completely close up again. It started humming and then all of a sudden it vanished into thin air. As I was leaning against it I fell head-first into the ditch which was now rapidly filling up with water again. Luckily my brother was close by to drag me out.

Meanwhile Drake had noticed that the group had forgotten one of their satchels. We investigated it to learn their identity so we could return their belongings, and perhaps learn more about the strange object hopefully. It contains some fresh vegetables, along with some tools (a new screwdriver I can lend until we can return it) and a notebook. Drake starts investigating the notebook which contains a bunch of maps of a lot of villages we have never heard about, until we reach the second to last filled page. That page contains the area we're now travelling through complete with the village Jutte. That night we set up camp a few hours from the village.

The next morning we reach Jutte. The villagers look at us suspiciously. And even after we pass by them they keep a very close eye on us. A small market of three stalls is set up in the village square and we see some farmers herding neteleon's. One of the stalls is selling quite interesting gleaming toys and stuff. All kinds of trinkets we used to play with at Cier in the workshop. Ryders identifies one of the items, a small spiked ball, as something interesting. I start talking to it for a bit to figure out what it does. As I'm haggling with the sales lady about the price a big leather clad guard comes walking towards us.
He introduces himself as Trummel and asks us what we're doing here, if we are the new batch of Daykin. Meanwhile I trade my mental scrambler for the spiked ball which, I later learn, is a cypher which I can attach to an armor to make it invisible for a day.

While I was haggling, Drake was discussing with trummel about the notebook we had found. They had gotten to that discussion when they were talking about the group of six, who apparently had also visited this village but didn't leave a good impression overall.
Trummel examines the notebook and explains that the strange markings we hadn't identified before turn out to be dates and times. I join them and he starts giving us a short lecture about those markings. After the lecture we can determine that the 60 filled pages of the notebook cover a timeframe of a year.
The last filled page of the notebook contains a map of Pari and Kryo. Villages four and then three days east-south-east from here. The date next to it is pretty weird though. It's 10 days into the future. I think we should really be there in 10 days to see if the group of six pops up.

As this leaves us with a few days to spare we ask Trummel if there's anything in the neighbourhood which might be interesting on our journey. He tells us about a monster in the lake near Jutte. We head towards the lake to investigate and camp a few hundred feet away from it, to avoid being visited by the monster during our sleep. A few of our group hear strange whispers during their watch, but they can't make out what is being said. Creepy!

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