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Session 13 (Tal)


Played on July 26th, 2015

Day 24 of our seven year journey (5th of Aftental)

We made our way northeast, following first the lake and after that the river. They told us there used to be a bridge leading to the other side. From there, there should be an old road leading to the ruin from the time that it was still in use. You could see there used to be a bridge. A synth ramp on both sides and a ruin of a building on the other side.
Without hesitation Ryder holds on one end of his rope, grabs on to Zippie, a flash of lightning appears and takes them to the other side. And without almost any effort we have a way to the other side. Not that Drake needed any help as he simply jumps to the other side. I need the rope though, but not much more. Tightrope walking never was a challenge to me, and with the added balance of my staff I just walked across as well. Arya wasn't so lucky though, she threw her rope and grapling hook to the other side, but thought it would only have to be attached to something on one side to be able to make her way to the other side. It didn't really look graceful and maybe she was unlucky, but she lost her grip somewhere and wasn't able to hold on to the main rope. With a loud splash she fell in the water. And to make things worse there was some kind of creature in there strong enough to start pulling her under. Luckily she was still holding on to her own rope and we were able to pull her from the grasp of the underwater creature. After that Thom climbed across as well.

It didn't take long for us to find the road on the other side, though it was hidden in the underbrush. It was a broad road made of synth, in better shape than the normal road on the other side. This road surely was used a lot more in the past. The road followed the through the hills leading up to the ruins. A second bridge, still mostly intact, allowed us to pass the second river. It took us almost two hours to get in view of the ruins. It looked like the ruins of what I would probably describe as a castle. I've never seen one, but the large walls and the towers are what make a castle in the stories we were told. It was made of some kind of dark blue, green organically looking synth. Four towers on all sides and two gates leading through them. One on our side and one on the other.
On entering the castle through the gate it was like walking in a gloomier kind of world. Nothing should have change as the caste was open to the sky, but it didn't feel right. My neckhairs were standing up straight. Most of the buildings were ruins and it felt like eyes were on us. Tracks of someone or some thing were found, so someone had been here not too long ago. Would they have felt the dark and eyes as well? I didn't really want to be here, maybe we should look somewhere else? But I guess I was the only one feeling like that, we made our way in anyway. More tracks could be seen leading into some central building.

Suddenly lightning flashed and a loud booming voice commanded us to tell him what we were doing here. I did not know what to do, I was very much afraid. I guess others of the group were not as afraid as I, they were asking the voice questions. He was lord of this castle and was named simply Kralos. Some of our group were discussing as a second flash lighted up the ruins. Thom not being afraid one bit it seemed, marched inside, as the voice blasted through my head ordering us to turn around and leave. I was way behind as Thom banged against a door on the other side of a corridor and Ryder and Zippie manipulated a panel that opened the same door.

Suddenly that same voice didn't sound as loud and impressive anymore. We came to a normal lighted room and the voice asking us to leave was sounding more in panic than in control. Though we had survived this obviously fake ordeal of darkness and terror, the men with bows aiming at the groupmembers going in told us we were not quite safe yet.

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