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Session 3 (Daina)

Egg hunting

Played on April 26th, 2015

Day 4 until 14 of our seven year journey (17th - 26th of Poizenar)

In the aftermath of the battle with the turtle-crab-tentacle monster we take a breather and decide what to do next. Should we bring back the heads as trophies? But some of us decide against this and just decide to bring a tentacle. Later in the afternoon we arrive back in the village where we run into Trummel. He's quite pleased with what we have achieved and he invites us to visit the city elder Gralle.
Trummel leads the way into one of the houses and introduces us as. He explains that the lake is safe once more. And old woman's voice invites us further into the house. It turns out Gralle is quite old and can't get out of bed due to her illness. We tell of our adventure at the lake and how we defeated the monster. As a reward we get to choose two items from some kind of treasure suitcase she owns. I grab a blue box, and Drake receives a light blue box. We thank the lady and then we're once again lead outside by Trummel.
As we have said our goodbye's we leave for Pari. During our trip both Drake and me investigate the boses we've received. Both turn out to contain a cypher. That will be something fun to play with again!
After a four day journey we finally reach Pari. In this strange village, all houses are so called stilt houses. It turns out that the village is flooded on a very regular basis. I'd like to be part of that event once, but the majority of the group wants to continue right away to Krio. So we move along, still wondering how it is possible that a village in such a flat area as this can ever flood.

Another three days later and we see the first signs that we're approaching another village. This looks quite different from what we are used too. All houses and fences seem to be build from some translucent material.
We ask one of the villagers if this is actually Krio and he acknowledges. When we ask him for a place to stay for the night he tells us they aren't accustomed to strange people sleeping over.
Next up we visit the village butcher. I wait outside while some others are buying some food and asking about a place to stay. They learn that there's dangerous creatures living in this area called Pasks. These are creatures twice our size with large claws. As none of the villagers seem to eager to have six house guests we decide to go and look for the spot where we expect the egg to appear.
Once we arrive there, a few hours past the village, we set up camp on a hill overlooking the spot where we expect the thing to appear. The location where the egg should appear, according to the map, again has some water. I wonder if that is in any way important to the device. We will have to investigate that.
During the next day nothing strange happens and then on the second day as Ryder and me are standing close to the expected "appearance spot", there it is all of a sudden!
De doors open and a girl in a cloak like we've seen before on the five guys comes darting out of the opening. She seems terrified. We try to calm her down and ask her who she is and what is going on. Evanna explains that she has escaped from the Narthex, as that is how the egg is called, but that her brother is still in there held captive. They had been kidnapped. We ask here more questions but she's too messed up at the moment to really provide us with clear answers. She does however hand over the key when we promise her we'll go find her brother.
I sprint up the hill to go and get the others. Everybody quickly packs their stuff and they follow me down. We leave Evanna up here, as for now this seems to be the safest spot where she can be.
Back at the Narthex I use the key on the lock and explain to the key that she should really open this door for us. Just moments later the door does open up, allowing us inside. Ryder lights a glowglobe to drive away the weird darkness which is surrounding us inside. We're standing in a small hallway with a door and touchpanel at the far end. I touch the panel and the door opens up into a small room, barely large enough for the six of us.
On the lefthand side of this room, there's another lock. I decide to use the key again, but this time, just talking to it is not enough. I also have to touch the bottom notch on the key to make something happen. As I do that, the room starts moving downwards for one minute after which it's stops abruptly and the door through which we entered this room opens up again to reveal a huge dark room, at least a few hundred meters across.
Tal pulls out some nice device which flies of along a four yard wide path. This device apparently is capable of mapping out the room we are in and we get updated constantly by Tal about what kind of room we have reached. Our "room" turns out to be some kind of hub in the middle of a bunch of spoke like pathways radiating out to the sides of this room, all ending at a door in the side of this huge room. One pathway differs from the rest however. It is located behind our hub-room. And it is lit with strange markings and smells like some weird incense. Some of the markings we can recognize.

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