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Session 16 (Daina)

The Great Slab

Played on August 23rd, 2015

Day 44 of our seven year journey (25th of Aftental)

So the next morning we all went to visit Vona. Drake hesitated a bit when we went inside, but eventually all but Ariya went inside. There she was, just like Ariya and Drake had told us yesterday evening. She welcomed us and looked at each of us intently.
Tal talked to her a bit, but he didn't seem to get round to asking about the blessing. So I reminded him about it. Eventually though we were done talking and indeed we did receive Vona's blessing: "Go with Yosh'Ul". I never expected it, but it indeed had the effect we saw with Ariya and Drake; We all felt pretty awesome afterwards. I hope this lasts!

So now it was time to start the trip to the Great Slab. Once we set up camp for the first night, I asked I could could have the final watch of the night. The group agreed, but after I woke them up next morning with my bracelet BELL, they told me I would go back to my old watch spot during the night.
During the third night something weird happened. Thom's hontri had grown twice its size overnight. I hope it remains as friendly as it has been in the past.

Day 49 of our seven year journey (30th of Aftental) - The Slab

On the sixth day at noon we finally had reached the Slab. What we saw baffled us. There was no wind at all here. A black and red oily substance was streaming down from the slab at a semi constant rate, covering the entire rock face as far as we could see. We had to watch our step as the oily substance formed into streams and puddles around the Slab.
As we look up, we see a crevice in the slab near the top. Drake uses one of his cyphers to have a better look at the crevice and notices something which resembles vegetation. Even more important though, he notices that the Slab is only about 1200 meters high, instead of the 3 kilometres everybody was always talking about. Now it also becomes clear that the side isn't 100 kilometres long as we had been told, but only about 6. There's nothing natural about this Slab.
As I could use some oil for my pet robot project I decide to fill a canister with one and a half litres of the black and red substance. But then it is time to investigate the side of the Slab as we have learned that's only about 3 kilometres away. As we round the corner, we learn that this side is a tad shorter than the side where we arrived.
Ariya watches the streaming goo and when she notices a piece of the wall which remains clean for a few seconds, she puts her ear up against the slab listening for any sound. She hears some low frequency humming. As she hears this, she quite intrigued and forgets to watch the goo and gets her head covered with it when the area gets covered again. It turns out the stuff isn't necessarily dangerous but it leaves a tingling sensation. Ariya considers the Great Slab to be some kind of living thing, based on the humming.
We just continue walking again until we reach the Northwest corner. There on the north side of the slab we see a really barren area, most likely due to the sun never reaching this part. People pull out their glowglobes and I try to use my cutting light as some kind of glowglobe like tool. Thom asks me what would happen if I try to carve the Slab with it. I really shouldn't have done that, because as soon as I touch the goo, it ignites locally. I also burn my arm in the process, but the flames on the wall are quickly doused by the oncoming stream.
After another few kilometres we see a crevice again. We keep on walking to the Northwest corner but then all of a sudden, I guess due to it being pretty dark here, I trip and fall into a big deep pool of the stuff. Luckilly enough I remember to close my mouth before I fully submerge. Then Ryder with some awesome help by Drakes telekinesis ability they pull me out of the pool again. The stuff tastes a bit iron-like. Ryder and Tal spend almost half an hour to clean me up again, but by now it's really becoming very dark here, so it is time to move on to the west-side.
Ryder walks ahead now to avoid me tripping again. All of a sudden he runs into some half buried bones. The weirdest bit about the bones is the bashed in skull with three eye-sockets and the shovel like shape. I scan the skull and it turns out it's a cypher, so we decide to take it along to investigate it further tonight when we have set up camp.
All the while Thom has been using his broken bow to scrape along the sides of the slab, and all the time it's really smooth. Once we've rounded the last corner of the Slab, we set up camp and as promised I start investigating the skull. Somehow this cypher isn't Numenera which makes it all even more weird.

Day 50 of our seven year journey (31th of Aftental)

The next morning once everybody is awake, someone notices another skull just 20 metres away from our camping spot. We are all very certain it had not been there the night before.
To check out what's on top of the Slab, Thom asks his hontri to fly up there. Once it's back it's able to convey that the liquid can also be found there. It also manages to explain to Thom there's movement and rocks to be found.
In a final attempt to learn about the Slab we create some kind of shelter against the rock under which we are protected from the constant stream, while being able to investigate the rock. I try my cutting light again, this time without the risk of burning myself. But it turns out it has no effect at all.

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