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Session 8 (Tal)

Played on May 31st, 2015

Day 14 of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

I had no control over the sticky orange stuff, it was trying to envelop me totally. I could scrape it off my arm and leave it on the wall, but it woul keep on growing. We didn't even go that far yet from the village yet. It would not end here? Like this? Maybe if I ran outside of the room again, maybe it would stop growing. I was in panic and my group was being attacked by floating crystaline objects. I sat down hard on the floor of the hallway otside the room. The stuff just kept growing though. I needed to get back to balance and peace with the spirits. I reached out to the surroundings, asking for guidance. There were only few spirits in this hallway, but they answered and shared their experience of the room with me. It was only a temporary effect, meant to scare and distrubt. It would stop growing when I was fully covered and it would not hamper me in any way. My mind returned returned to it's balanced state again. A sigh of relief, but I was too late helping my friends throught their encounter. Luckily they were all still there to tell the story. I would thread carefully in this room. I learned from this situation, I would be stronger next time.

I entered the room again. The pulsating and floating objects were broken down on the ground and Drake, always the curious fellow, was poking through them. Though Drake was curious with care, it was Zippie who was a tad worse. While some of us were still recooperating, she was already pushing us to forwards towards the big stairs leading to some plateau at the centre of the room.
Though Ryder was obviously still keeping an eye out for Zippie, as he always is, he also noticed my affliction. It had stopped growing by now and as I had already tried removing it before I did not try again. Ryder said: 'I have just the thing for that!' He grabbed some small bolts from his inside pocket, twirled a few nuts on them and put them on my arm. They started rolling over my arm immediately and cleaned a part of the stuff away. Wow, that felt weird, but I was glad to see my skin again! I asked the air spirits around us for a favor of cleansing as well and together with Ryders cleaners I got rid of the orange stickyness. I thanked both Ryder and the air spirits and I felt totally ready for the next challenge.

As Thom was mumbling about weird words popping inside his head, Zippie was already half way up the stairs. The raised central platform took up a large part of the huge room. Most of us followed Zippie onto the platform, I think only Arya stayed downstairs to investigate crystals in the niches on the side of the room. My first step on the platform triggered a tingling sensation through my whole body. Looking at the others it did the same for them as well. Another smaller raised part is at the end of the bigger platform. Just the size to stand on, not that I thought that at the time though. But before we got there first Ryder hears a loud cackle like sound from far away in his head. As we progressed also Drake and I hear the cackle, though coming from different sides outside the room. Thom and I decide that going back of the platform makes us feel a lot better than staying on.
Thom was already down the stairs when I take a last peak backwards to the others still on the platform. What I saw was the last part of Zippie standing on the small daise being pulled of it by two large arms coming from behind the main platform. A large splush can be heard as she was dragged into the water basin. While Ryder was looking over the edge, Drake was trying ideas with a plant and the daise, I made my way back to there and Thom and Arya ran around the platform to look at the basin. Before I got back there the arms had already returned Zippie and dumped her on top of the plant, which made her fall of it. Zippie lay there, dripping green viscous liquid on the platform. But on a closer look Zippie was wrapped inside some kind of thin transparent crystaline layer. A second skin, but then all around her, including her clothes and equipment. What in the strength of the soul spirits could that be.
Zippie said she didn't have any problems breathing or moving, it felt protective. And she heard a voice in her head that told her the route back to the Vortex chamber. Some daring checks with fire conclude that the skin really protects the wearer. Bored my attention wanders back down to the pool and I see Arya fall in. I quickly turn around and slap the daise with both hands, hoping to evade the arms which then could rescue Arya from the pool. I was not so lucky though, the arms had some intelligence in them as they were able to grab my feet and lifted me upside down into the pool. Quick thinking enables me to grab Arya while in the liquid and we both get dragged out and dumped on the platform again. Luckily enough we were enveloped in the new skin before I grabbed her though. Wouldn't have wanted to be stuck to her in the same layer. After that we both get the instructions to the Vortex room in our heads as well.
Having half of the group layered in protective skin makes Drake and Ryder to decide to step on the daise as well. Leaving only Thom without, he always needs a little more time before making a bigger decision like these. Though for some reason he knows exactly what the skin is called. A 'Tharidawth' he tells us, adding some extra non understandable words for other various items around us. Knowing the names doesn't help him know what they are though. It takes some further playing around for Thom to get the layer as well though. He actually let his Hauntry go in first, after which he tries to clip the nails of the beast with his dagger and axe. Which apparently convinced him that it was a good protection and that it was a good addition for the situation we were in.

While Thom was playing with the Hauntry, we stayed behind as the rest went into the small rounded sideway behind one of the pillars on the right side of the room. When they came back they told us that there was some control panel, but they had no idea what it was for. They could probably salvage some equipment from it, but then it would not be usable anymore. For now they decided to leave it alone and maybe get back to it later.

All having had the instructions to the Vortex room in our heads make us decide we want to check out the Vortex room again. We followed the instructions, which were the exact opposite of the way we got to the room with the platform and the pool. Though we didn't see Zavra outside the room anymore. And getting back to the livingspace area made the local residents back away from us as far as possible. We didn't need to go down though, so we walked passed them to the room that could move down. When we entered the Vortex room, we felt the same awe but the heat we felt the last time was either not there, or stopped by our new skins. Unfazed by te danger Zippie made her way towards the Vortex which made Ryder cringe before he reacted. Telling her to be careful, to stop and even to try and pull her back as Zippie was being slowly pulled in. But it was already to late and she was too far in. Both she and Ryder were pulled in to strongly and they disappeared inside the Vortex. Leaving the rest of us standing there..

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