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Session 23 (Daina)

Keeping promises

Played on October 18th, 2015

9th - 23rd of Hebendar - Leaving for Sada Emidu

We head east to pay a visit to the city Sada Emidu, the capital of the Clock of Kala. During our two week journey we hardly ever meet someone. There are little to no villages, and the ones we encounter are really small and keep to themselves, not used to outsiders at all.
On the twelfth day we start to encounter more villages and encampments with soldiers carrying around their banners. From now on we follow the river which should lead straight into the city. Then two days later we enter the suburbs of the actual city. The city itself is surrounded by walls made of steel and pure energy. And behind the wall we see a plethora of architectural accomplishments made from steel, energy and crystal.
The city is also humongously impressively big with, what we've been told, about one hundred thousand people living here. But none of these people are really friendly to outsiders. We're treated almost like outcasts. As it turns out they are indeed seeking some form of remedy against the aging of the Augur population. We also learn about some kind of rebellion going on, which is why there were all the encampments two days ago. Some others are talking about "The Beast".
But after how we've been treated I'd say screw them and their petty problems and let us move on. We decide we've seen enough of the Clock and consider it time to continue on our journey towards the second Kephi.

23rd of Hebendar - 14th of Sobendar - Not our family?

We leave Sada Emidu and take the shortest route we can find back to Wislayn. There we stock up on rations for the Sheer again. After a night rest in Wislayn it is time to start our trek through the Sheer. I hope this time the weather behaves, but unfortunately, this is definitely not the case.
On the fifth day into the shear, it's raining and the wind is blowing around us, we see eight or nine light shapes standing on the road. As I suspect they are Ryder's half brothers again I start walking towards them. Ryder, Thom and Ariya join me. Drake and Tal think it would be a good idea to divert from the road in an attempt to not run into the light beings.
Once we get close to them they tell us we didn't keep our promise. Slightly amazed by its bluntness I try to explain what they should do. But apparently they aren't the brightest of energy beings and it falls on deaf ears. They then also tell Drake they aren't his half brother (obviously because they had already said I wasn't a half sister...). Eight of the beings start approaching us menacingly, but one calls out to them that there might be a way for us to redeem us from "not keeping our promise".
They have got an assignment for us which entails bringing a box into Norou and activating it. As we first want to make sure we aren't going commit ourselves to some suicide mission, Ryder opens the box. Inside we find a keychain with a button. I investigate it what kind of Numenera trick this keychain holds. It turns out, that upon activation energy will be released. It seems pretty safe to operate, although once activated you should not remain within a few yards of it. As we consider this a pretty safe and easy way out, we promise to do as we've been told and take the box with us.
We say our farewells and continue along the road, hoping we'll catch up soon again with Tal and Drake. I case we've gone past them I leave markings along the road for them to follow. After a few hours we all of a sudden see some weird shimmering orb appearing from behind us. Inside are two Augur women. Once they've caught up with us, it turns out they are Tal and Drake with an illusion cast on them. They had been chased by a couple of energy beings, that's why they pretended to be Augur women and in the end used the energy field to repel the beings.

23rd of Sobendar - Hole in the wall

We proceed towards Norou and on our 14th day we finally reach it. We make a slight detour to check out the blue shimmering wall which is located both north and south from Norou. There's huge blue energy rectangles moving about in a random fashion thus forming an impenetrable wall.
We enter the city and spend the rest of the day looking for a good spot to release the energy. We also want it to be somewhat close to the west wall, so we can use Ariya's ring to create a hole in the city wall through which we'll escape. The city meanwhile looks even more depressing than I can remember it from our first visit. Lots of guards can be seen patrolling the streets.

We have found a good spot and wait for nightfall. Ariya creates the hole which for now is hidden by an illusion from Tal. Ryder once again opens the box and positions the necklace in the middle of the small square. Everybody gets ready to flee through the wall as I use my distant activation to push the button.
Some form of energy start growing from the necklace and just as I'm pulled into the hole I can just make out an energy being forming. We hear guards above us on the wall asking what the hell is going on down on the square. Now would be a good time to dash into freedom as they are pretty occupied. I quickly glance over my shoulder and see a large column of energy forming just within the city. After running a mile we take a break and observe what's going on in Norou.

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