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Session 25 (Daina)

The Numenera of Picalah

Played on November 8th, 2015

11th of Sunlyth

I try to charm the ball the creature is holding. It of course doesn't stop the creature throwing it at us. Somehow while running down the stairs I manage to head it back towards the creature, while the ball is emitting some weird red smoke.
We continue running, trying to get out of the tower as fast as possible. Meanwhile I apologise for our rude breaking and entering. Although I don't expect to ever see this creature ever again.
Thom is still confused and wanders of but eventually returns to us on the back of his hontri.

14th of Sunlyth - Whitelake

For three days we continue to the west until we finally reach Whitelake again. Drake floats the crystal to the market where he takes it to the stall with the largest collection of crystals. The saleswoman is pretty impressed by the size of our crystal and is really willing to negotiate a prize.
But then all of a sudden a few of the group think it would be a good idea to initiate an open auction, with all the auctioneering skills we possess. Soon after I decide to split and go search along the more Numenera oriented stalls for some nice additions to my bot. That night in the inn I learn that they made 400 shins from selling the crystal to the crystal saleswoman.
In the inn Tal practices his storytelling again and after a while we're joined by two familiar faces, Mehella and Ikyon. They ask us about our adventures. And in turn we ask them how to get south. They tell us about Picalah to the south which is a city along the river which leads to Cere Marica. There's something really interesting about Picalah. Recently they've dug up something there, which they are now fighting about. Picalah can be reached on foot, but from there on, we'll have to find some alternate way of transportation like a boat to reach the edge of Cere Marica where we'll find the city of Lhauric.
Meanwhile I'm working on my bot attaching some of the parts I bought this afternoon on the market. It's already starting to look pretty cool, and I hope I'll be able to finetune the walking bit when we travel to Picalah.

18th of Sunlyth - Picalah

At noon we reach the city which we learn is Picalah. Large four story buildings can be seen throughout the city. It's really amazing how they remain `. The inhabitants are dressed pretty weird. Either they got grey nondescript clothes or they've got a very bright single color set of clothes. We're really standing out with our mix'n'match of various colours.
Blue banners can be seen hanging from the gates and from various buildings. We wander around the city for a while until we reach an area where yellow is the dominant color. A group of people all dressed in yellow come to us and punch Ryder in the face while yelling at us about our various colors. I retaliate with my cutting light but I miss. The rest is too chicken to act and we bail, fleeing to the city center where the dominant color is blue again. There we also see a large blue four-story building with glitter covering almost the entire front. On the other side of the city square there's also some yellow presence in the form of a flimsy yellow tent like structure. Militia is patrolling the streets and occasionally get out onto the square, but always avoiding militia groups with other colors.
While we are standing there discussing our options and what colors we should wear to avoid getting punched in the face again a green-dressed men runs past inviting us to join him at the Priory. "Lorne will tell us what to do". And off he runs again.
A few moments later a woman in red asks us for a donation. She preaches to us about the Numenera and how it provides us with a warm and fuzzy feeling. She also tells us about her Lament order which is in need of financial support. Tall hands her a few shins, mostly to just get rid of her. He's rewarded with a few red ribbons. Now Ryder also gives her some as he likes some ribbons too. We ask her a little more about all the colors and what is going on here. Aerla explains us that a few months ago a huge Numenera creature, with three heads and measuring about 30 feet high, has been found at a digsite south of Picalah in the Lambent fields where they were harvesting glitter dust. And now everyone has an opinion on what to do with them.
Nobody is allowed to come near the creature though without explicit authorization by Steckle Spire, the director of Picalah. She decides who is still allowed to harvest dust at the moment. We wonder what would happen if we would just go there. But Aerla is very certain that's not an option. We also learn now that the yellow want to just bury the creatures again.
As the Numenera are closest to me even though I do get the icky chills from her preaching, I ask her where the red people gather at night so we might be able to end up in a nice inn. Ariya on the other hand would rather go to the Priory.
SO we split up , with most of us heading southeast to "the Collector Inn". The sign at the entrance is a cool looking swirly red and orange ornament.

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