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Session 38 (Tal)

Down into the city

Played on March 6th, 2016

18th of Poizenar

Ah, the room upstairs with the ley lines was truly magnificent. The people of this broken city obviously knew what mattered. And these tables with maps in the forms of ley lines was a treasure to be sure. I do not know how they had made these maps, but they felt right. The earth lines were spirit world met our world. I only had a short time to look at them though, before a shout for help came from the stairs leading down. It seemed Ryder somehow disappeared into nothingness when he touched a floating chain. The rest was already down the stairs leading into a room somehow meant for viewing something. Too large chairs were alligned next to the stairs to watch a blank wall. With only a few meters between the wall and the first row of chairs there surely was not enough room for a show or even a single speaker that wanted to be seen properly. One side of the room was cut off as were the rooms above. Chairs were cut in half and the room opened with a view into the chasm.
Ryder was nowhere to be seen and the others were scouring the huge theatre like room. I noticed the chairs did not go up to the other wall, there must be a hallway of some sort there. As the rest searched for Ryder in the room i started to make my way towards that side. But before I could take a few steps Ryder suddenly appears out of thin air somehow tripping over his own boot and flattening himself on the area between the front row and the wall.
He quickly stands up and looks around, obviously looking for something or someone. Not seeing anything he feared and seeing us instead he breathes a sigh of relief. He quickly explains that he met some kind of creature trying to grab him. Only his quickness and some luck gave him the edge to pull free. He was in this same room being chased by the creature. After he grabbed some kind of bag lying on the ground and using his lightning powers to flee he was suddenly here again. After his story he noticed that his boot was somehow melted into the floor. It would not come out anymore.

I called to the rest that I had seen a way forward and made my way to the sideway again. It led to another room, as broad as the previous room, but the backwall was rounded instead of straight. A door was in the middle of the rounded wall. A shout from the ones behind me made the rest of the group follow me quickly. Apparently three more of the out of phase creatured appeared floating through the chairs somehow.
I made my way quickly to the door, which promptly opened without me touching it. Slightly shaken I took half a step backwards expecting someone on the other side opening it from there. But there was no one on the other side. At least not directly behind the door. Inside was a large room, this time the room was closed and not leading into the chasm. A very large U-shaped table was standing against the walls, filled with various apparatus. In the centre of the room there was another long table, surrounded by six uniformed people staring straight ahead. Three on each side of the table. Their heads swiveled to me as I was standing in the opening. I slowly put a foot forward into the room and the faces of the two in front change from neutral to mad almost instantly. One starts shouting in a language I do not understand, but it wasn't meant to be friendly. I bump into Thom as I try to move backwards out the room again.
I clear my head quickly and decide that these look to be people and most people can be reasoned with. Probably easier than those out of phase creatures. I step forward again and give a courteous bow and my most friendly greetings. But I guess I was doing it wrong.
The one on the left turned towards me and I gaped as he threw his own hand at me. It whipped towards me, knocked me prone and flew back to his arm. After that things turned into chaos of battle. Thom charged past me to the ones on the right, and Arya goes left. Somehow they seem a lot less normal with their whiplike hands and their exploding bodies when killed. Though they are also distressed by me changing into the phased out creatures. Guess they weren't working together. But one grabbed some kind of belt from the side table that allowed him to phase out as well to combat me. An interesting object to be sure. It was a heavy battle, but we got them all in the end.

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