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Session 31 (Daina)

A Colzo reunion

Played on January 10th, 2016

25th of Moonlyth - Leaving Salan

The next day we take the same boat as we used to get here. But not after collecting a very nice reward for helping in the negotiations from both Halite Gabra and Lady Kacy. We board for a two week trip to the other side of this immense lake. Some days huge waves make even the most seaworthy of us sic. But finally we see Nebalich appearing on the horizon.

8th of Yorkental - Nebalich

A lot of houses of all sizes line the coast and a large silver-emerald-coloured palace is standing right beside the harbour entrance. Slender towers with banners were welcoming us into the city. The captain explains to us that the palace is home to King Felton and Queen Sheranoa, rulers of the city. We also learn from the captain that this city houses about 35 thousand inhabitants, amongst them various abhumans. The harbour currently has about forty ships moored, varying in size from large sea-worthy vessels like ours to much smaller riverboats.

We say our farewells to the crew and start exploring the city. It's pretty neat and clean and we notice little to no show of poverty. We do learn however that there's somewhat of a crime wave going on with increased reports of theft, but people kinda ignore this. We're told to visit the Frozen Flower inn if we want to experience a good night sleep so we follow these directions and after crossing one of the many canals in the city, around noon we're standing in front of very nice looking inn.
Inside numerous benches are lining long tables. It's already pretty busy for this time of day and a little woman is tending to the bar. We sit down at one of the tables where we notice some familiar faces. The previous year's dayfamily has also chosen this inn to spend the night it seems.

The Reunion

Sristin, Kerik, Vhiani and Viern welcome us at their table. And tell us about their experiences thus far. As it turns out they've only visited one Kephi yet, the one south of Nebalich. The went to sleep some night, only to wake up on the complete opposite side of the world on the Ice-Wall. From there on they spend almost the entire year crossing Mateunis, the Cold Desert to finally end up here.
We tell them we have just arrived from Salan and we buy four winter outfits (sponsoring them big by overpaying), so they can take the boat to also get to Salan. They tell us that the Kephi south from here seems to be shutting down or losing power or something. It was a lot less bright than they had expected. They also explain that it's a good idea to take a riverboat upstream the Karaken river, passed Redstone to Quintas and Guran. Where we can disembark to walk the final part iof the journey into the Cold Desert. At that moment the bar-lady starts singing about the frozen flower. Some kind of flower only growing in the desert. Men and women go there trying to obtain such a flower to prove their lovers of their commitment to them.

My love, my love,
your heart you do swear
so I beg of you show it
with a bloom for my hair.

Not golden, nor crimson,
nor any other hue.
For the heat of your heart,
frost alone shall prove true.

After a very nice lunch and a welcome discussion with our friends Tal asks the bar-lady if he could perform in the inn to earn our stay here. But it turns out that performing happens on the various squares scattered throughout the city. So we decide to visit the largest one hoping to make the most of this evening.
Once we get there, there's already a line of performers waiting to sign up for his night's stages to perform at.
To make sure Tal makes it onto the already pretty large list I urge the organisers to sign up Tal. At first they're pretty annoyed with my persistence wondering who this "Great Tal the Almighty" is. But once they see him give a small demonstration they're awestruck and don't now how fast to add Tal to their list. This leads to quite a number of disgruntled performers who were first in line, but hey, what can I say... *giggle*
We do have to bring in at least 100 viewers as the bars lining the square need to make their profit, so I start doing my routine telling everybody about Tal and the amazing performance he's going to give tonight!.
I dress my bot up with large signs in his front and back to invite everybody to the Chikchick square tonight at eight. Meanwhile some of the others do some shopping for additional gear to face the challenges of the Cold Desert.

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