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Session 20 (Daina)

In search of the Kephi

Played on September 20th, 2015

8th of Hebendar – An upside down mountain

Drake tried to push the rectangle using his telekinetic powers. This caused a very slight indentation. I think he might be on to something. Perhaps this is a door of some kind. The next step is to attach a rope to the mountain near to the door outline. Now Tal can climb up. We pull the rope a bit so Tal moves closer to the outline and he's able to touch it.
Once he does that, two large stone doors swing open, but luckily Tal can hold on to the rope! What we can see from down here, it seems the doors open up to a room which is completely upside down, just like the mountain. A table can be seen on the "ceiling". Using the rope Tal swings inside. Drake all of a sudden appears in the door opening and Ryder let's me ride along on his lightning. The rest follow us when Tal has reattached the rope so everybody can climb in.
Other things we see in this room is a door on the far side and some kind of projection screen opposite of a projector. As it's too far up or down (depending on how you look at it) I remotely activate the projector. It shows an image of green rolling hills with a city in the middle of the screen. a red cross-hair is overlayed on the image. After a while it turns off again.
Drake now uses his telekinetic powers to open the door we see. After we climb through it, we end up in a hallway with a path to the right halfway through. At the far end there's another door. We first follow the path to the right which ends at a winding staircase starting at the ceiling leading up. We use our various tricks again to ascend the stairs. With some (not so nimble) tricks I try to climb on the right side of the stairs to see if the correct mountain gravity all of a sudden starts working for me, but to no avail. Halfway the stairs there's a platform with a door. Opening this door we see a large room with some kind of big energy field in the middle. Six flying orbs seem to be tending to the room, and they occasionally shoot red beams to the floor and ceiling.

Flying orbs

Wow, these are pretty cool and perhaps they would like to have a chat with me. When I talk to one telepathically it does indeed respond. First of all by slightly blinding me with its red beam and than with some weird chatter "WORK...DEFEND...BEEEP". Now the other orbs also start to show some interest in us, so I quickly charm the nearest one to avoid it attacking me and then we close the door.
We continue up the stairs to the bottom level, where we find some kind of dormitory. There are six beds, and a few bedside tables. There's also a console which immediately draws Ryder and my attention. Ryder activates the console which seems to be interacting with the projector. But we can't quite figure out yet how it all operates.
We now all climb back down to the top of the stairs and try the door on the far side of the hallway. Here we find a five meter high room, with a large two meter wide diagonal tube running through the room from the floor to one of the sides. On the "floor" out of our reach there's a console next to the tube. I again try to activate it and we feel the room trembling for a second before it's silent again.
We wonder if this is some kind of flying orb vacuum thing, but when we check the other room, the orbs are still there. Tal wants to investigate the energy with the orbs some more. Ryder wants to join him, so Tal disguises the two of them as orbs. They bob through the room, luckily there's no response from the real orbs, who also move through the field sometimes, we notice now.
At the opposite side of the energy room, there's another door and winding staircase. Going up to the bottom of the stairs, they find another dormitory with another console. Once activated they get a very clear image of the other dormitory we visited earlier.
Next up is the top of the stairs, so Ryder and Tal climb down. The final room they find contains another large two meter wide tube running from just below the top of the door to the opposite side of the room. Water is dripping from a puddle on the ceiling. On the sides of this room they find a lot more consoles. They activate a bunch and they all seem to show images from outside the mountain. The first always shows some image and the second screen next to it shows some zoomed in bit with the red cross-hair again. They also investigate the tube using the x-ray cypher Tal carries along. Then they find out the tube contains a lot of energy going back and forth.
Meanwhile I flip through the pages of my Guide to Numenera trying to find out more about the orbs. It seems they are remnants of a very old civilization. And they might be used as some kind of defence devices. They communicate with light and they work together in groups to defend an area.


By now Tal and Ryder, still disguised as orbs have returned to the orb room. Ryder tries to drain the energy field for a bit to see what happens. one thing which does happen is, that it draws the attention of all the actual orbs in the room as they all "look" at Ryder...

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