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Session 32 (Daina)

The Cold Desert beckons

Played on January 17th, 2016

8th of Yorkental - Outperforming

While we're trying to gather as many viewers as possible for Tal's performance, Drake is out investigating about the Cold Desert. He learns something about the city of Nilich which is moving around through the Desert. He also learns about a couple of enclaves and the wildlife. I guess this knowledge should come in handy once we go out there!
That evening, back at the Chichick square, people are gathering and stalls for eating and drinking are being set up. Performers are setting up weird Numenera stuff on their stages. Then all of a sudden a large crowd gathers around Tal's stage where he's starting his juggling act. Using his illusions he's making it even more impressive than usual. But then all of a sudden it sounds like numerous marching bands are entering the square, as all other performers start their thing. They all seem to perform some variation on the same theme, telling a tale about the rulers of Nihliesh. To avoid upsetting his viewers, Tal weaves in some tales and images of the rulers.
Later that night we're visited by the "boss" who tells Tal he's quite impressed with his performance, just like the 150 viewers who had gathered to see him. It almost went wrong at the start, he tells him. But luckily he recovered with his images of the king and queen. Tal gets payed 80 shins and is asked if he want to come by again tomorrow, which he kindly refuses, at least for now.

9th of Yorkental - Boattrip

The next day we spent shopping for some additional clothing to protect us from the cold. Ryder and I also purchase 40 shins worth of assorted Numenera parts, so we hope to be well-prepared to fix the Kephi. Ryder also manages to arrange a ship which will take us upstream, closer to the Kephi. We're set to board the next morning.

Four days sailing along the canals before we visit the first stop on our trip: Redstone. Which is aptly named after the red stone which is used in the walls of the buildings and in the street. It's apperently mined from a stripmine on top of the mountain next to the city. There's a peculiar geometric pattern engraved in every red stone. All the work in the mines generates a lot of red dust which covers everything in sight.
A few days past Redstone, the straight canal changes into a river. And eleven days upstream there's another small town called Quintas. I'm glad we don't spend too much time here, because if you do, you turn some awkward yellow color due to the Voptis herb that grows here.
The final stretch takes us another eight days upstream to our final destination: Guran. The first thing we notice when arriving in this city is the abundance of blue translucent stones. We find a good Inn to spend the night. The one we picked is run by four sisters who are very eager to give us kisses. The other visitors of the inn look enviously at us.
Curious about the kisses I agree to one, just like most in our group. As it turns out, it's an actual kiss alongside some nice alcoholic beverage made of berries. Yummy! Dinner is also really good and we hear some nice stories from people who have joined us at our table. One guy tells us about his kiss experience. But not without his friends reminding him about how he got robbed of his gear that night. The next morning he awoke with a note next to him, telling him where he could collect his stuff and at what price. To avoid this happening to me tonight I ask MC3 to keep a close eye on my belongings tonight.

1st of Drebental - Cold Desert here we come

That next morning as we're having a nice breakfast we notice that a piece of clothing for all men of our group has a kiss on it. We pay up for our stay in the Inn.
A road to the southwest leads us past fields with various crops. After walking for a day it becomes a lot colder and ground turns much harder. There's a lot less vegetation to be seen. And unfortunately also little opportunity to hunt for food. Hence we're really glad to see a small settlement of about four houses after another three day walk. We don't feel too welcome though, but Thom's really curious to find out what it is they're growing in their "gardens". As he's inspecting the blue fruit a woman appears from the home closest to the garden. A pet-insect flying beside her. She tells Thom to stay away from her fruit. So Thom asks her if it is possible to buy a few. She agrees on the price and we buy five of these ice candles, as that's how they're called. When we try to buy more from other villagers we can't find anyone anymore. It seems they're all hiding or ignoring us.
Another four days go by with the weather becoming colder every day. There's also snow and ice by now. We occasionally see ice candles growing out here in the wild. As we're passing over a hill we're surprised by a group of eight goatpeople!

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