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Session 39-40 (Daina)

Rumble in the mountains

Played on March 13th, March 20nd, 2016

18th of Poizenar - 22nd of Aftental - Another Kephi done

We try to catch our breath after we have just fought of the evil creatures, but Tal thinks he hears something rumbling in the hallway. He grabs a phase belt we obtained from the creatures and uses it to check out the alternate dimension. He finds three additional phase-creatures who engage him. Tal quickly returns to us and Ryder fends them off.
Once we've recovered a bit we continue through the door expecting the Kephi to be behind it. And luckily we're right this time. There it is beside a couple of half-moon seats sitting on a pedestal right beside the chasm.
To avoid a misstep I try to proxy touch the kephi with my Kephilim using MC to hold it. But unfortunately that fails. So once the others have safely returned from their visions they help me also touch the Kephi. As my Kephilim touches it, I'm flying through an arena where the beautiful humanoids are performing some kind of show. Exhibiting all kinds of awesome technologies, ranging from fast growing plants, teleporting and creating food out of thin air. Lucarian and Igana are really enjoying the spectacle. Back in reality I notice the red flashing facet of my Kephilim has turned a solid red.
To avoid further confrontation with the phase creatures we decide it's time to leave and we quickly head up the stairs and outside. The days to come, as we're travelling through the ruins of the city, we've got a constant feeling of being followed and observed. One night during my watch I use the phase-belt to check out if I can find out what's watching us. But the only thing I notice is a glimmer of one of those beautiful humanoids rounding a corner. I try to catch up but as I reach the corner it's nowhere to be seen.

Go west!

It takes us two and a half days to get through the ruins of this city but once we leave them behind us, the feeling of being observed is gone. We turn west for the next Kephi.
We continue for three weeks visiting small villages where people are either really scared of us or rather hostile, so most of the time we quickly continue to avoid any hassle with the locals.
As we're expecting to get close to the Kephi, which seems to be hidden somewhere in the mountain range up ahead we decide to pay the next village a visit to find out as much as possible about the mountains. They know that we're coming as someone was on the lookout, so we're greeted by a "welcoming"-party. Once we explain we've got no evil intents the villagers are something willing to tell us what's going on in the mountains. They tell us about the earth and thunder spirits battling it out. And we're warned not to piss off the spirits.
The next day we continue into the mountains. Thom regularly mounts his Hontri to scout ahead. Three days into the mountain range we hear the rumbling noise at night, but as quickly as the noise started it stops again. Really curious what's going on here we continue for another day to reach a large crater. Thom again flies up to investigate and notices that his Kephilim is softly blinking when circling the crater which is filled with a dense fog.

22nd - 27rd of Aftental - Mountaineering

As we can't really find a way to climb up the crater wall I decide to carve some footholds into the side. One I reach about a meter high there's some rumbling coming from inside the crater: "WHO IS THERE?". Then all of a sudden when I try to carve out the next foothold I feel some kind of plateau against the side of the mountain. On closer examination it looks like the air has condensed here in such a way to create a near invisible walkway up the crater wall, allowing us to reach the top.
As I don't want ot be in front I jump down to let Ryder and Thom go first. I along with the others follow them. The mountain rumbles again; "WHAT DO YOU WANT?!". As we're almost at the edge of the crater this climb becomes too much for me and I almost completely cramp. But luckily with the help of the others I make it to the top.
The fog Thom talked about is now swirling inside the crater. And some kind of particle swarm seems to appear from the middle. It seems this is the source of the rumbling as it agains peaks to us: "BRING US THE FRUIT OF THE TEARDROP SHAPED TREE". That's what it tell us when we ask the particles about the Kephi.
There's some 'discussion' with the swarm, which takes quite a while as its responses are quite laggy. When Thom says we first want to visit the Kephi before getting the fruit it responds with a lightning strike. I think we'd better not anger it.
Based on the discussion we learn we have to travel about five days to the south to gather it. So we descend the mountain again and head south. After four days we visit a small village where we are warned not to continue towards the teardrop shaped tree forest as everything dies there. This isn't looking good for us but still we decide to continue.
Another day and a half there's no green plants to be seen nor does Thom distinguish any sign of life from wildlife. A few of the group don't want to continue anymore and even with the help of Drake to adapt to our surroundings eventually a feeling if despair almost takes control. "Why the ... are we supposed to be here!?"
To avoid getting influenced too much by the surroundings I try and see if the phasebelt can negate the negative effects as it puts me in another kind of dimension. I'm really relieved when this turns out to work. When even Ryder and Thom start to feel really crap due to the hostile environment I continue on my own with MC following me.
I reach a stream with a small forest of the teardrop-shaped trees. I cross the stream and try to investigate the fruit littering the floor here. This isn't too successful as I'm still phased obviously. So I take a deep breath and take this one for the team, hoping to make it out alive. I deactivate the belt and quickly grab a fruit. I give it to MC ordering it to bring it to one of the others in case I don't survive. MC complies luckily and I quickly try to reactivate the belt before I faint and die. Somehow I manage to indeed activate it, but in the process it feels like I've broken something in the belt.
Glad to be safe though, I join the others and we quickly make our way, away from this place of doom.

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