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Session 4 (Daina)

Enlighted Path

Played on May 3rd, 2015

Day 14 of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

We decide to go along the walkway with all the lights and markings, as we have no real other clue to go by.
The first obstacle we encounter is a door at the end of the walkway. Luckily there's another keyhole next to it. After some fiddling the door opens up revealing a long hallway which again is decorated with lights, candles and trinkets, like the walkway was. There's also light emitting from large panels on either side of the hallway. We continue down the hallway, with an occasional left and right bend. We also sometimes encounter an intersection but there's always just one path which continues to be lit.
After a while we end up in a section where the panels don't seem to be working. As I have grown quite curious about this entire structure, I decide to scan the panels. As I perform my scan, my mind is literally blown by the immenseness of the complex and everything in it. I see flashes of blueprints and all kinds of weird designs and structures. Wow!

We decide to not pay more attention to these panels and continue along the lit path. At some point, a couple of us hear two or three people talking somewhat down our hallway. They also seem to be walking towards us. To avoid being caught by them we hide in one of the dark walkways leading from the intersection we had just passed.
Moments later, one young tall guy walks past us, followed by an older man. Both of them are wearing armor and wielding a big weapon. They turn out to be discussing about how some children are really starting to adept to the life in the Narthex. Some of us think to recognize the two guys as belonging to the group we have seen, when we first saw the Narthex.

Once they are out of sight, we continue down out path and after a few more turns and twists we see something different at the end. Thom and Ariya decide to go and investigate. Once they're back they explain what they have seen. Our hallway continues into a large round room where it ends at the top of a set of stairs leading down to the bottom of the room. There's also a walkway all along the sides of the room, about 4 to 5 yards from the bottom-floor. Along the left and right wall they saw all kinds of lights and other stuff which made me even more curious of this complex. I really hope to have some time to converse with this structure. The only troubling thing though they noticed, was a group of four people there. Two of them were sitting down making smalltalk. One of the other wore the familiar yellow robe.
As we are discussing what they have just seen, we now also hear people approaching from the back. We try to see fit here's again a hallway to flee, but none are within range. It's the two people who have returned and as we're scrambling for a dark hallway they see us. As there's no way out we decide to play it cool. Thom greets them and explains about their bag we found with the notebook. As that seems to be a signal for the others, all beans are spilled. Beside the notebook, also Evanna and Shome are mentioned...
We are guided towards the large room with no real option to escape as they have got their weapons at the ready. As we reach the room, we see Gregor standing down the stairs with a cocked crossbow aimed at us. Down the stairs we learn that the two talking persons are a younger and an older woman. The first person we don't recognize. The younger woman is also pointing some kind of small weaponlike device at us.
Gregor, in his usual style, yells at the two guys who brought us here "WHAT THEY HAVE FOUND". They explain about the bag and the notebook and we show it to him. He continues to yell that "WE SHOULDN'T BE HERE, AND HOW DID WE GET INSIDE?". The fourth one turns out to be the owner of the bag and the notebook. Gregor asks him "WHY THE HELL HE LEFT HIS BAG UNATTENDED". The guy trembles in fear, but also is quite grateful for returning his bag and more importantly the notebook.

The older woman tries to calm Gregor down a bit and tells him she'll convince us to leave. She tell us about the Enlighted Path and that this complex is their home. It turns out they really only ever use the path with all the lights and icons. Such a shame letting the rest of such a magnificent building to to waste. But we should be going soon she tells us, but we want to investigate more! And we ask here more, for example about the symbols. She then tells us about their believe in the "Vortex", the sun-like symbols we have seen. Then we ask about the spiderlike icons. She glances at Gregor hesitantly as she shouldn't be telling us about this. But it turns out those represent "Angels" who is a protector or envoy. As the lecture about their faith continues, Ariya decides it's a good idea to start meditating. Startled by this curious act, Gregor clears his throat looking at us menacingly. The men pull their weapons and Tal tries to explain that she's just meditating. This however doesn't calm them down, so Tal decides to create an illusion of Ariya standing up. This does calm them down again, but to the rest of us that's quite startling as we had never seen Ariya meditate this shortly.
As this is all going on the the attention is shifted to Ariya and Tal, I quickly hide the key-rod between the cushions of the bench we're sitting on. This way they'll never find it if they decide to search us.
The woman again tries to calm everyone, but especially Gregor, down and tells us a bit more about their faith. She also warns us about Gregor in a whispered voice.

By now Gregor is done with us and decides it is time for us to go. He calls out for the older man and woman and the first guy we saw to follow him and guide us outside. Ryder whispers to me that we'll use the first opportunity to get away from them by running and hiding in the first dark corridor we encounter.
We walk up the stairs, into the hallway and after a few minutes as we are getting close to such a hallway I whisper to Ryder "Now?". He nods and we sprint off. Ryder however stumbles and falls down. Tal and Drake do follow me down the dark corridor.

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