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Session 11 (Daina)

Bye bye Aridomos

Played on July 12th, 2015

Day 14 of our seven year journey (26th of Poizenar)

As we look around the room we still see the debris lying around. But all the cracks in the floors, walls and ceiling really seem fixed, just like it felt to us while manipulating stuff inside the device. We decide to investigate the remaining rooms now that we've "fixed" all doors.
One of the leftover rooms contains 3 large round panels. Behind the left panel we see some light which shifts around due to something moving behind it, it seems. I scan to determine what it might be, and together with Drake I conclude that this might be the place where constructs are being build, like the one we encountered earlier today. Thom's idea to get out of this place as soon as possible might not be such a bad idea after all.
Thom and I say our goodbye's to Aridomos and try to take the shortest route to the vortex room. Thom still has to get rid of some rubble though blocking our passage. In the meantime the rest of he group stubbornly investigate the remainder of the rooms.
Once we reach the vortex room it looks like the others have reached that room too, but by backtracking. Tal is on the lookout for constructs while Ariya, Drake and Ryder find some kind of storage room. I quickly help them identify the cool stuff in there which we take along. I grab a few nice but very weird looking tools. Who knows when they might come in handy.

Back in the vortex room I'm done lingering and decide to walk back into the portal. The rest of the group follow me inside. Again we experience the pushing and pulling sensation and the incredible bright light and then we all pop up on the other side where the Angel is still on duty, doing it's thing.
We walk back towards the common room where we startle Gregor who flees into his quarters. I quickly run down to collect "my" key from between the couch cushions. Then we continue outside and set up camp again on the same position where we camped yesterday.

Day 15 of our seven year journey (27th of Poizenar)

During that night on my watch, all of a sudden the armor which protected us while in the Vortex disappears. So much for that nice armor... The next morning we also discover by the first light of day that the Nartex is gone. Too bad I think, as there was soo much more to learn from that thing.
Now that we're all refreshed from a good night sleep we decide to use the morning to investigate the stuff we took from the storeroom in the Citadel. I obtain a very nice charm bracelet with a teeny tiny bell attached. When I ring the bell, a huge booming CLING CLANG can be heard. Goody, this will come in handy when the rest refuses to wake up early enough in the morning *giggle*. The other two items are a metal ball with a button. As someone pushes the button, it turns invisble. Tal really like it to use in his magic show along with his other juggling balls. The last item is a glass cube with a small holographic projection of a ruin inside it.
All done now we decide it's time to move along. We consider the road a bad idea as that would lead us further south, while we're trying to reach the chasm through the mountains to the North.

Day 17 of our seven year journey (29th of Poizenar)

On the third day wandering north through the wilderness we reach a a small hill overlooking some farmland with a sandlike structure. There's a small corral beside it with three Aneen. We walk towards the building and eventually spot a weirdly dressed woman wauiting for us in the doorway. She's wearing a red robe and a large pointy purple hat with two thin tusk-like things protruding from it.
She welcomes us inside while floating to the side of the door to let us in. Inside we see a scanty decorated living space. A table with six cups filled with a steaming liquid and a banister n the wall with a logo on it of three entwined triangles. I take a sip from the liquid and it tastes very nutritious. Some of the others also drink it, or stick their finger in the tea...

Quelnora the Seer

We talk a lot with the woman who introduces herself as Quelnora the Seer. First us telling her about our journy and how we want to get to the north-east through the mountain range, while we tell her our story, it unfolds as images appearing between her tusk thingies.
In turn she tells us about those actual mountains and the Klok of kala behind it, and the chasm through it which is called the Sheer. At the beginning of the Sheer on this side of the mountain there's a city called Norou.
She also explains a lot about how we could possibly get there. It seems there are two possible routes to the north, either via the great slab or through the jagged wastes. But before we would enter the wastes the advises us to visit the city of White Lake as its inhabitants know quite a bit about the wastes and about the things we might find there, like the floating tree Orborek. She keeps on telling more and more, about a Rune tower in the wastes, some kind of treasure which supposedly can be found on the great slab and about a year round market in Yoshul which is in the vicinity of the woman's house.
The information overload continues with a story about a 4 to possible 10 meter orb patrolling the Jagged wastes. And we have to be on the lookout for a group of bandits callign themselves the dark riders who are lead by a woman who posses strange powers which can hurt and heal people.
When Airya expresses her interest in eating anine, Quelnora tells us about a very exquisite dish which they eat in white lake: traktur soup.
She concludes that she feels like Drake could be a pretty good seer too. She still won't allow him or any of us to touch her hat though.
By then it's time to go to bed, so we all curl up beside each other inside her home, apart from Thom who sleeps outside. Quelnora seems to be floating in her sleep, weird woman!

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