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Session 19 (Daina)

The Sheer

Played on September 13th, 2015

22th of Kiltental - Gifts from the Ghosts

We remain standing there, looking at the three blueish ghostly figures, but they remain stationary too. I don't think they have any hostile intent so I carefully start walking towards them.
As we approach them, they seem the most interested in Ryder. When we're just 50 meters apart we hear a strange voice in our head welcoming us. The voice is accompanied by some elictric crackle, which we also sometimes hear coming from Ryder.
As we walk closer they say something really weird to Ryder. Apparently he's their half-brother, which would obviously make me their half-sister, but pointing this out doesn't do anything to get them interested in me *sob*. They start talking about a force-field he's carrying with him, and that the force-field is much stronger with them, while pointing straight into the stone wall.
I wonder if there's some strange portal we can't see so I run into the wall, hurting my shoulder quite a bit. This is just as solid as a stone wall can be. I sense the voice again "You will never feel the field". Not giving up that easily I try my cutting light on the wall. This does have some minor effect, but far from what I'd like to see, so I quickly give up before angering the ghosts.
They beckon Ryder stating "Follow us". But for Ryder the wall is just as impenetrable as it is for me. As the ghosts learn about this, they tell him to wait a while. And indeed after 10 minutes they return. Three boxes with lightning crackling around them appear in their hands. They put them in front of Ryder. "These are for you, use them wisely and don't be a stranger!"
Ryder drains the charges from the boxes and the ghosts nod approvingly. They say their farewells and disappear again into the wall.

During the following 9 days Ryder investigates the boxes and learns they contain some very nice presents. As it turns out, they've donated 4 cyphers to our good cause.
During those days the weather has constantly changed from one extreme to another. The last few days the road is heading more and more to the middle of the Sheer. And halfway through the afternoon we see something purple standing in the middle of the road. As we get closer it seems to resemble a weird treelike crystalline structure. Thom touches the crystal and vanishes into thin air. All but Drake, Ariya and me also touch it and the same thing happens. So we're left there with just the three of us. I scan the crystal to learn what this is all about and find out it some big Numenera thing. As I want to find out where the others are I also touch the crystal, instantly appearing on a town square in a crystal dome like city. The rest of the group I see standing beside me. And I learn and feel it's pretty easy to get out of here again, by just thinking about going outside. So I try this and *plop* I'm back outside, next to Drake and Ariya. Drake is making a nice drawing of the tree in his notebook. I plop back and forth a few more times and eventually see Ariya trying to climb the crystal without touching it with her bare hands.
After a while Ariya appears inside too as she seems to almost have lost her balance and thus grabbed onto the crystal. Drake still isn't done yet. So more back and forth plopping until he is done and we're all inside now.
The village inside is made up of small huts and buildings made of wood or canvas. There's quite a bustle of people, but everybody appears quite busy, trading or walking. The people aren't exactly looking like regular human beings though. Their facial features are way more refined. Someone mentions this might be the Augur they told us about in Norou.

31st of Kiltental - Wishlayn

We start wandering the city and eventually end up near the side of the city which looks like ground glass with purple smoke swirling behind it. Ariya uses her bronze ring to create a 2 meter hole in the wall to find out what the purple swirls are. Once the hole is about halfway done, Ariya cringes a bit and disappears all of a sudden. Not sure what just happened we just stand there for a while. In the meanwhile the wall seems to be regenerating though and in the end nothing can be seen anymore. Someone mentions She might be teleported outside, so I go and see if that's the case. Indeed she's just sitting there looking alright so I head back to the rest of the group.
They ask me if Ariya is ok, so plop, outside again. She tells me she's ok and she start meditating for a bit. I again go back to the group.

We go to a bar to learn more about this place. There we see two tourists and a bunch of locals. There we are served a local drink called Yuroko. Drake talks to the bartender asking about the village. He learns that the Ghostis is the ruler of Wishlayn. She is very hospitable until you're hostile inside the city. If so, you're instantly transported out without a way to return. I guess that's what has happened to Ariya. We also learn that Augur usually live to become 300 years old and the bartender is already 250. When asked about earlier visits by people from Colzo he is looking a bit flabbergasted at us. It seems in all those years he has never heard about our village. When he hears that we'll be traveling through the Clock of Kala he advises us not to get too close to fort Ursat Zarteri as the Augur aren't to keen on visitors there as somehow it is very important to the Augur.
Next Drake talks to the tourists. They tell him they are Djane and Snutin, they are traders who have just visited Sada Emiyou, the Augur capital, and are now on their way back to Norou and beyond. They tell us about someone in the capital who was looking for adventurers who could help the Augur finding a cure or some kind of medicine as he told them, the Augur weren't aging so well as they would like too.
All the while I'm working on my droid's leg. The bartender considers it to be a bit weird but he just lets me.

That night we find a place to sleep inside the city, while Ariya camps outside. The next morning we all head outside and start to continue into the Clock of Kala towards the Kephi which we should find on the upside down mountain. Our path continues along very green rolling hills
On the 5th day we encounter a group of five Augur patrolling the area. They got a star logo on their clothing. They tell us we are not allowed to head west. I think because that's where Ursat Zarteri is to be found. After a lengthy explanation from Drake what we are planning to do we say our farewells and we continue.

8th of Hebendar – The Clock of Kala

Another three days later we see the upside down mountain appearing on the horizon. It'll most likely take another two days to reach it.
And indeed after another two days walking on we're getting really close to the top of the mountain.
The vegetation on the mountain also seems to be growing upside down. But gravity is still working as expected as dead leaves can be seen beneath the mountain. Other than that not much can be seen beneath it as not a lot of sunlight can get here. Getting closer and closer our Kephilim start to light up and act like some kind of compass indicating where the Kephi is to be found.
Beneath the top, which is floating about 3 to 4 meters from the ground, a group of Augur are resting . They tell us they are caorach herders. Their herd can be seen on the sunny side beneath the mountain.
Ariya walks past them while pointing here Keplihim at the top, causing a red rectangle outline to appear near the top.

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