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Session 33 (Daina)

Pillars in the Desert

Played on January 24th, 2016

1st of Drebental - Goatmen

Before the goatmen get a chance to surround us, Drake tries to pull of some nasty effect in them, but unfortunately he fails. And then commanded by their three meter large leader they attack us.
Ryder does some awesome arc-lightning trick hurting quite a few of our attackers. And thom is spraying them with arrows. All the while Tall is casting illusions left and right trying to confuse them.
Eventually its Thom against their leader, both of them brandishing their battleaxes. One fell swoop from Thom's axe and with some assistance from Ariya, the leader drops his own axe and tries to flee the scene, the remaining goatmen following him closely.
Ryder examines the axe that got dropped. It turns out to be quite a work of art. Drake also finds something interesting. Amongst the belongings of the goatmen we killed, he finds a nice cypher to aid us in our journey.

9th of Drebental - Purple haze

After a short rest we continue our trip deeper into the Cold Desert. We're getting pretty hungry from the lack of food to be found here. Tal becomes so desperate he's willing to eat one of the big flying bugs which are flying around here. Him rather than me to be honest.
I'm more drawn to the purple bushes with flowers that look like ice-crystals. Drake can recall from his studies that these bushes are called devilsweed. He can't recall why though.
That night Drake, Ryder and Tal eat the bits of the insects, while Thom, Ariya and myself create a fire from the devil weed flowers. The smoke is deep purple and there's a weird smell to it. After a bit of time inhaling the smoke we start to hallucinate. Ariya is really caught up in her hallucination and Drake uses one of his cyphers to make her unconscious. Ryder drags me out of the smoke into our hut I set up earlier that night.
I fall asleep and continue to dream about my hallucinated birdmen with huge wings and beaks and about the yellow and orange colors. A pretty awesome experience after the days and days of just seeing white all around us. The next morning I wake up a little drowsy, but also invigorated by all the new colors and images I experienced. I'd better pack some of these flowers so we can do this again.

10th of Drebental - Pillars

We continue again and that day pillars start to appear on the horizon. These look familiar to Drake who clearly did his homework. These pillars apparently operate on earth energy, some of them generating fluids which can have a beneficial effect.
We decide to go to one of them to investigate. Around the pillar the ground is free from ice or snow due to the heat emitted by the pillar. But this is just a side-effect of its primary purpose which we aren't sure of yet what that might be.
Ariya, as always is the case, starts climbing the thing. When she's close to the top at about ten meters, she yells down to us that there's two figures approaching us. One giantlike five meter long humanoid, followed by some kind og huge dog or bear.

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