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Session 37 (Daina)

The Voil Chasm City

Played on February 28th, 2016

15th of Poizenar - Reaching the city

After I have driven the plowing robot crazy we decide it's time to continue our journey again. We continue towards the ruins of something which must have been an enormous city some day in the past. All the time we feel like we're being watched, but as we look around there's nothing there.
We travel for three days through the city, still following the direction in which the Kephilim is pointing. As we reach a somewhat higher area of the city we notice that we've gone a lot close to the chasm. It's about two to three kilometres wide and the pointy mountains are straight across from where we are standing.

18th of Poizenar - The Fourth Kephi?

When we reach the edge of the chasm our Kephi start to blink like it's very close to a Kephi. We enter a building which is broken in half by the Voil Chasm. Thom mounts his bird and flies a little bit away from us, but immediately his Kephilim switches direction, pointing back to us. So it seems we're on the right side, but most likely not on the right height to find it.
We decide to descend the stairs we noticed in the corner of the building. In the room below there's a closed door and a device with three buttons. Working together with Ryder, we manage to break the code to unlock and open the door which slides open. Through the door we enter another room which just like above, overlooks the chasm. There's a small pile of weird bones and beneath all the clutter and debris on the floor Tall notices some kind of geometrical but also natural pattern.
we continue going down using another set of stairs. There we see two bubble-like seats and an automatic door. As we approach it, it automatically opens, revealing a weird out-of-phase creature behind it. It comes charging towards us. Our first few attacks miss, but as the creature shifts into our phase we manage to chop it up into three pieces which are flung into the chasm by Drake. Its fellow out-of-phase friends then quickly vanish into the floor, which I quickly scan if they remained there to surprise us. But luckily they're completely gone.
Tal now joins us telling us about some kind of experience he had with the geometrical figures and he tells us that his Kephilim started turning once he was standing in a corner in the far side of the room. He stands at the same spot on this floor and the same thing happens. It seems the Kephilim must be at that exact location, but at a different floor.
We enter the room where the creatures appeared from to find a way further down in the building. There are a few pedestals with golden bubbles like the bubble seats we saw outside. Then another automatic door and we see our way down. But there's a synth mesh surrounding the stairwell.
Ryder and I approach the stairs and we notice a small chain suspended in the air between two floating rings. Ryder vanishes along with the rings and chain as he touches it. A large trans-dimensional monster yells: "NOW I'VE GOT YOU!!!!". But I'm really glad Ryder manages to break free.

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