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Session 21 (Daina)

More Mountain Madness

Played on September 27th, 2015

8th of Hebendar – Orbs going wild

As I noticed the two orbs near the column, one of them drawing a lot of attention by sticking its red beam in the column of energy I thought it would be a good idea to step the communication with the orbs up a notch. I quickly adjusted the frequency and amplitude of my cutting light to match the communication protocol the orbs were using among each other. I then pointed my adjusted beam at them telling them "Don't hurt us, we come in peace".
One of the orbs is targeted by a combined beam from three orbs but barely dodges the attack and quickly floats through the door. The second orb follows it.
Two orbs are responding to my communication and in the meanwhile three others are pushing against the door which the two orbs on the outside (I suppose this is Ryder and Tal) are trying to push shut. Although that can't be done completely as I'm still in the doorway communicating.
I now tell the orbs to stop pushing as they are hurting me. To see if the message gets across I also use my intelligent interface. I think my vocabulary or semantics were a bit too complex for them as their response basically boils down to "Must execute program. Remote Intruders. Must defend". I'll have to tone down my communication to the intellect level of these orbs, to make myself be better understood. So now I aim my ad-hoc communication beam at one of the pushing/attacking orbs and tell it "Stop attack. Move into room. Defend energy field!". By now Thom, Drake and Ariya have joined us, but don't know how to act yet, which isn't much of a surprise seeing me standing there somewhat "relaxed" among the various orbs.
Unfortunately all my communication doesn't convince them to retreat. This is a sign for Drake that something is wrong here and he does some kind of attack inside the room, drawing the attention of quite a few of the orbs. I step away from the doorway and Tal closes the door. A few seconds later a few orbs bash it open again though, nearly knocking Tal down the stairs. In the following brawl we manage to dodge most of the beams, but the ones which do connect Hurt Bad! Eventually we manage to disable them all luckily.

After catching our breath again I investigate the orbs a lot closer. They reveal a lot of Numenera components which I salvage to use for my own robot. I think the brains of the orbs might come in handy when combined to form a somewhat smarter mind. And I also like the beam devices which I can put to good use as a personal defense until. Finally I detach as much of the outer plating as I can carry to form part of the hull for my bot.
Drake also investigates the remains and manages to obtain a cypher from it. It's some kind of handlebar which can be attached to any surface as a foothold. Now that the orbs are gone we investigate the energy field a bit better and learn that this shouldn't be here. I wonder what's the matter here than.

The last console

I ponder up a plan to use the cypher we just discovered to create a contraption we can use to get close enough to the console to be able to use it. First Drake uses his telekinesis to hold it against the ceiling. Than I remotely activate it so it connects to the roof. Next we put a rope through it which we can then use to hoist someone up to the console.
First I check out the console, but after activating it, it only briefly remains turned on causing the tube to rumble a bit. I think the console is broken and call in the help of Ryder. We hoist him up to the console where he works his magic, attaching a temporary power cell to kickstart the console.
When we now turn on the console it actually stays on showing a city with ten crosshairs aimed at various buildings, and a big crosshair in the middle of the screen. Using the controllers we can move the view around and when a smaller crosshair lines up with the center one we here a *PONG*. Using my Numenera investigation skills I deduce this is all part of some huge weapon. And we can adjust the power of it, with another one of the controls, which makes the tube vibrate more or less depending on the setting. Another thing we now notice is, that the view we're seeing isn't of a city which excists in current day.
Tal then enters the room inviting us to join him to the energy room. He tells us that when Ryder had just repaired the console, all energy was sucked out of the room through the tube we could just make out at the top. What was left over was an empty tube with handholds on one side form a ladder going up for us, deeper into the mountain.
Thom decides to climb up first, because he fears the energy might return and he wants to be able to climb to the top first. After a 50 meter climb we reach a rectangular room with blue coated walls. The tube continues up, and we also see a pipe running to the room in one of the walls. This pipe contains a crack through which we see energy flowing. I think we found our leak. Using a few of the orb plates I brought with me we weld together a cover and attach it to the pipe, sealing of the crack.

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