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Session 29 (Daina)

Buried in Salt

Played on December 13th, 2015

22nd of Moonlyth - Making friends...

As Halite Gabra asked us to talk to the Order about the deal they were trying to make, Tal went to talk to Lady Kacy. Drake joined along with Ariya and Ryder.
When they arrive in the common room they find her sitting there together with Miral. Tal apologises for interrupting their conversation. But then starts to question Lady Kacy about her true intentions. He even threatens her but the rest didn’t get what he had to backup his threats. Miral really isn’t amused by the threats and pushes Tal away. Before stuff escalates any further, Drake tries to defuse the situation and takes our group to go to Lady Gabra to ask her about what the actual problem is.

Halite Gabra's servant has to wake her up to receive them, but after a few minutes they are allowed to enter. They ask her about the deal and why it’s so bad. Halite Gabra really is not amused by the fact that we’re doubting the badness of the Order’s plans to buy all salt. What we conclude is that they don’t really have a choice and we expect the Order to eventually enforce a treaty.
Now that they’ve upset both Lady Kacy and Halite Gabra, the group returns to discuss our options and to get some sleep before we head out tomorrow to visit the Kephi.

23rd of Moonlyth - Salt waste

The next morning, with some helpful instructions from one of the villagers, we find the direction we to go to find the Kephi. There’s a path leading through the salt wastes.
After a few hours walking the wind is getting stronger and it feels again like the initiation ritual we experienced yesterday. We manage to pull through and we continue along the path.
Then all of a sudden we’re at the end of the path and no Kephi in sight. I set up a large sign created from salt so we’ll be able to find the path again and we start searching through the area. Meanwhile Thom mounts his Hontri and searches the area from the sky.
We find little salt mounts and we try to cut away the salt to figure out what’s beneath. When we’ve removed some of the salt the results of my scan are confirmed by what we find. There’s some kind of plant hidden underneath all the salt. Then Thom joins us again and tells us about the larger salt mount he has spotted from the sky.
We go there and repeat our work. I scan it again to find out this also hides some plantlike thing. I also pull out my Kephilim which is blinking like it did when we were at the first Kephi. Ryder also takes out his Kephilim but accidentally touches the salt with it. It instantly stops blinking! I can now really imagine why the Order of Truth wouldn’t want this salt to be distributed into the world!
Almost everybody joins in cutting away at the salt. Thom and Ariya climb on top of the mount with some climbing gear, and use that gear to also try to cut away the salt at the top. They manage to move a large salt slab while they tumble down from the top of the mount.
Underneath we again find layers of translucent leaves covering a tight woven pattern of branches.

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