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Session 18 (Daina)

Escaping Norou

Played on September 6th, 2015

Day 64 of our seven year journey (14th of Kiltental)

Joney asks us if we're ready to go shopping, as we'll definitely need the rations, warm clothing, and so on, if we are going to spend 15 days out in the Sheer. It wouldn't be possible for us to leave the city to go hunting, as 1. we'd need to pay toll to leave and 2. Lord Abelor does not allow hunting without a permit. Tal is not too eager to join Joney on a shopping spree so she leaves us standing there, telling us we can find her in the Fifth Penny if we choose to make use of her services.
To make sure she's right about the travel time and impossibilities of obtaining food we ask around. But all we can find out is that she was right. The Sheer is about 500 kilometers long. With constant storms near the mountain tops. There will be plenty of water though, so we don't have to worry about that. We also learn that she was right about the toll. As it turns out, we'll have to pay about 10 to 15 shins each to even be allowed to leave the city.

Eventually we decide that joining Joney might be the best of the bad options available to us. Tal stays out of sight though. We go and fetch her in the Fifth Penny. She tells us to quickly follow her without drawing any attention from the yellow harp guards patrolling the streets. We ask her how this works and she explains to us about the taxes on all sales and that certain traders sell their wares without paying the taxes. But this of course is not without risk, hence all the secretive stuff. We ask her if there are ways around the toll too, but she tells us she'll get to that later.
After a while and various alleys we enter a house where we meet up with two guys. They are sitting behind a table with various knickknacks and money pouches strewn around on it.
The tall bald guy is introduced as Tull and the other guy with a black mohawk and mustache is called Vitasi. We negotiate the possibilities to buy rations for 6 people for 8 days and also ask Vitasi about possibilities to leave the city at a reduced fare. Eventually we agree on a price of 125 shins for the package deal. Tomorrow at noon he'll have the rations ready to be picked up and the window of opportunity to leave the city will open up at midnight. Finally Ryder discusses with Vitasi about a very nice bronze ring we might be able to make use of. It would set us back another 7 shins. We'll have to keep that in mind.
Carefully, avoiding the guards we go outside again, where around the corner, we meet up with Tal again.
That night we do some cleaning up for a caravan owner to earn our shelter for the night. And the next morning around noon we meet up again with Joney who will bring us to the warehouse to collect the rations. I'm really glad Tal and Ryder are willing to pay up for the largest part of my share of the rations as I seem to have run out of shins while shopping for Numenera materials.

15th of Kiltental - The great escape

We again got to Tull and Vitasi and after some hesitation Tal pays up for everything including the ring. After Tull counted all the shins we head over to their warehouse to collect our stuff. We then are told to meet up again tonight but dressed in dark clothes to make good use of the shadows.
So that night we might Joney yet again and we head to an alley close to the east gate. There we meet up with Vitasi. He frowns when he sees Ariya is still looking the same without any darker clothing. Tal lightly touches Ariya's shoulder and all of a sudden she completely goes dark. I guess he just cast some kind of illusion on her.
It's time to leave for the gate where Vitasi approaches one of the guards and they quickly exchange some quick words. The guard goes inside, into the guardhouse and Vitasi beckons us that we got about a minute once the door opens up to quickly go through and run for it.
As one of the smaller doors in the gate does indeed open up, we all really quickly go through it and we make a run for it. After a quarter of an hour we think it's safe to use a few glow globes to light our path. And after a few hours we set up camp inside the Sheer. Looking back at Nourou we see some weird blue light to the north and south of the city. It might be some kind of border thing, which forces people who want to travel through the Sheer to go through the city.

The next day we notice the road continuing towards the north side of the Sheer, alongside the steep vertical wall. Occasionally the wall is covered by a huge waterfall over 100 meters wide. Alls the water is collected in a small stream along the bottom of the wall. Somehow it doesn't look right, it's way too much water for that small stream. But we've already seen some weird things this journey.
The second night and following day it's constantly raining making it somewhat hard to travel, but we still manage to continue on for several kilometers before setting up camp for the night again. Then we've got a few days of sun followed by some days with snow. This Sheer really has some weird weather and I'm glad we brought warm clothing on our trip.

22th of Kiltental - Ghosts

On the 7th day all of a sudden a few 100 meters along the wall we all of a sudden see some kind of humanoid figure emerging fromt he wall it seems to be emitting bright blue beams of light. It doesn't seem to have eyes, but it has got very bright white light emitting from its eye sockets.
While we're just standing there baffled by what we just saw, two more figures appear. All three of them then turn towards us!

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