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Session 30 (Daina)

Negotiating the salt deal

Played on January 3rd, 2016

23rd of Moonlyth - The second Kephi

As the top half of the salt roof comes sliding down it reveals an entire canopy made up of the translucent leaves covering a thick frame of branches. Now that the salt is gone though the branches can be moved about a bit.
Ryder squeezes through to discover an actual hole in between the branches on the opposite side of the mount. We head over there to remove the salt and we all enter the branch dome to discover a familiar sight. Our second Kephi is within reach.
Everybody unwraps their Kephilim. All of them are pulsating again, apart from Ryders. I hope it becomes active again when we touch the Kephi. Once we touch it, we experience another weird dream, just like the first time. But now it's about us fallin down to this island from great heights. As we get close to the ground our flight path levels out to avoid crashing. We see a lot of colorful trees and shrubs. Sometimes was pass by encampments with people living in small huts. Next we fly to a city consisting of various terraces all blending really well into its surroundings. Lukarion and Ingana are standing on a hilltop overlooking the city and the surrounding forest as if they're showing it to someone.
After what seemed hours to us we return to reality where we notice a troubled Ryder with a still dimm Kephilim. I help him investigate what's wrong with it and after some careful examination and charging it with a battery cell it regains its powers after which also Ryder touches the Kephi again to experience the dream. Meanwhile Drake finds a nice little Cypher lying around on the floor.
A second facet on our Kephilims is now also lit, but it has turned green. We wrap them back in the cloth to protect them during the journey back to the city and we start hiking back. When the sun sets I create a salt hut. During Thom's watch one of the salt pillars moves slightly in our direction, but before it really gets close it changes direction again.

24rd of Moonlyth - negotiating again

The next morning it's another 2 hour walk to finally reach the city again. Once there the largest part of the group go back to Halite Gabra to find out if she has progressed in her negotiations. As it turns out they're on the brink of a conflict with the Order of Truth as neither is willing to compromise.
After this conversation they went back to Lady Casey to try and figure out why the Order is so keen on obtaining the salt. As it turns out they're only after the unrefined salt which has the capability to destroy Numenera. They don't care the slightest bit about all the other forms of refined salt. They all go back to Gabra to propose that just the unrefined salt will be sold to the Order in the quantities they normally trade the stuff and they'll get to continue with all the other trade in a regular fashion. Halite Gabra seems to consider this to be a decent plan, but would like to think about it for a bit, so a meeting is set up for later in the afternoon where all parties involved will discuss the trade terms.
This meeting is a great success and in the end they're drawing up the relevant contracts. Our work here is done! Great job there by Ryder who was really persistent in trying to find out what was the whole issue.

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